18 Months with Sybil

18 month old baby girl update

Happy half birthday my sweet lady Sybil!

I cannot believe you’re closer to two than one. It seems like yesterday that we were taking you home from the hospital and now you’re 1 1/2. You are literally growing up before my eyes every single day.

Less than a year ago you couldn’t even sit up on your own. Eight months ago you couldn’t crawl. Six months ago you couldn’t walk. Now you’re walking, talking and running. There’s no stopping you.

You amaze me with a new word every day. Your favorite word is no, but my favorite word to hear you say is Lawson. It melts my heart.

18 month old baby girl update

You absolutely adore your big brother. You follow him everywhere and want to do everything he does. If he eats a banana, you want a banana. If he steps on the stool, you want to be up on the stool. If he sits in my lap, you want to sit in my lap. But you don’t let him push you around and put up a good fight whenever needed.

You’re our little peanut with a fearlessness I hardly recognize. You make your feelings known quickly, especially when you’re unhappy or frustrated.

18 month old baby girl update

You challenge me more than I ever thought possible when I saw those two lines on that pregnancy test and got the surprise of my life. I have a feeling you’ll be challenging those around you for a long time to come.

While I don’t always enjoy the early morning wakeup call, we secretly love snuggling with you in bed. You’ve always been a little cuddle bug. Even though you’re 1 1/2, you still fit perfectly in my arms.

You are brave, adventurous, strong and smart. I have no doubt you will grow into a woman to be reckoned with. Sybil Adelaide, I am proud to be your mama. I love you, always and forever, no matter what.

18 month old baby girl update

A few things I hope I always remember…

The way you sit on your little chair, lean back and relax

The way you put your head on my shoulder when you’re tired.

The way you spit out your pacifier whenever you see food.

The way you lay your head on the table when you’re eating.

The way you cuddle with Wooly when you’re going to sleep.

The way you grin when you’re proud of yourself.

The way you fit perfectly in my arms.

The way you sit on my lap when you want to read books.

The way you rush to the door barely able to contain your excitement when your daddy gets home from school.

The way you crinkle your forehead.

The way you dance whenever you hear music.

The way you grab my hand when you want me to touch something in your book.

The way you hide behind my back to play hide and seek.



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