5 Random Things: No. 5

State Bags Fanny Pack

I’m back with another 5 random things that are bringing me joy. I keep a running list in Notes on my phone and I always find it interesting to see if there are any themes once I put the post together. This is truly a random list with a couple of items for the house, a beauty product and a favorite podcast.  

ONE // Personalized Return Address Stamp: When we were renting the past few years, I promised myself I’d buy a personalized return address stamp when we bought a house. Figuring out how to list our name was a little tricky since we’re not married (I went with Cole | Kartak followed by our address). The rest of the order was a breeze. This would make a great housewarming gift. 

TWO // Brigeo Scalp Revival + Coconut Oil: I received a sample of this shampoo recently and really like it (more than the Playa Salt Scrub shampoo I mentioned in an earlier random things post). My scalp gets very dry in the winter and a scrub helps a lot.

THREE // Clear Shelf Divider: Our master bedroom walk-in closet is pretty basic. When we had it painted, we took the opportunity to re-organize when we put everything back in. One of the changes was to move my jeans and sweaters from a dresser to shelves in the closet. I bought these clear shelf dividers and am very happy with them. Could my closet live without them? Sure, but it’s more organized and streamlined with them. 

FOUR // Bennett Fanny Pack: After carrying my Madewell tote around this summer when hunting for treasures and carrying my phone on neighborhood walks, I bought a fanny pack. It’s a game changer. This one is big enough to fit my cardholder, phone, sunglasses, lip whip and hand sanitizer. 

FIVE // RomCom Pods: I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed listening to this podcast until season 1 was over. It’s like your favorite rom-com movie or book in podcast form. Binge season one while you’re working from home or working out. Season two is set to launch in mid-October.

TV: Jim started watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ a few weeks ago. I knew it was good when I heard him laughing out loud. New episodes are released every Friday; it’s become our welcome to the weekend routine. As a bonus, the music is excellent. Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons co-wrote the theme song and scored the series.

Book: If you’re looking for an easy to read series, I recommend American Royals and Majesty. The series re-imagines American history in a clever way – What would happen if America had been a monarchy with our own royal family instead of a democracy. They are both in the YA genre, but were entertaining for me to read. I finished Majesty in 3 days and really hope the author continues the series!

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