A Comparison of the Best Striped Shirts


Saint James Striped Shirt, Kule Striped Shirt, The Striped Sheep Striped Shirt

I firmly believe you can never own too many striped shirts. In the past few years, I’ve focused on quality over quantity and invested in several striped shirts. From the classic white and navy to fun rainbow versions, there’s room in my closet for them all. 

In warmer weather, I prefer to roll up my sleeves once or twice. I like that look the best, which you’ll see in most of the photos below. 

While I can’t pick a favorite, I thought it might be helpful to detail the different brands that I own and compare their price and fit. For reference, I am 5’3” and typically wear an XS (or XXS at J Crew and Madewell). 

A Comparison of the Best Striped Shirts

Saint James Minquiers Moderne Authentic Breton Stripe Shirt

Price: $79
100% lightweight cotton
Made in Saint-James, Normandy, France
Dimensions (XS)

Width (armpit to armpit): 17”
Length (top to bottom): 22”
Sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 16.5”

Fit: Straight fit around the waist and down the hips with full length sleeves. Similar to a boyfriend fit.
Colors: White/Navy, White/Black

The Saint James Minquiers Moderne was my first foray into higher priced striped shirts. I chose the white and navy for its timeless style. More recently, I added the white and black option into my wardrobe.

The Saint James Minquiers Moderne is the loosest of my striped shirts. It’s meant to be a unisex, boyfriend fit and I agree with that description. 

I bought my first Saint James shirt from Tuckernuck in 2016 and my most recent directly from Saint James in 2020 (they no longer sell this version at Tuckernuck). I confirmed the style of both is the same, but the more recent version fits slightly looser than my original.

The Striped Sheep Pablo

Price: $72
100% cotton
Made in Portugal
Dimensions (XS)

Width (armpit to armpit): 17”
Length (top to bottom): 24”
Sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 17”

Fit: True to size, the Pablo is a long sleeve shirt that hits below the hip.
Colors: Marsh/Rainbow, Navy/Rainbow

While the white and navy is an instant classic, The Striped Sheep rainbow versions make me infinitely happy. They also come in kid’s sizes, which is an added bonus. My daughter has both rainbow versions and my son has the navy. We love to match in them! 

While the Pablo is more fitted in the sleeves, it is a loose fit throughout the body. I’m 5’3” and the Pablo is longer on me than other striped shirts. Out of all the brands I own, I like the fit of the Pablo best. 

Kule Striped Shirt

Kule The Modern Long

Price: $78
100% cotton
Made in Portugal
Dimensions (XS)

Width (armpit to armpit): 17.5”
Length (top to bottom): 22.5”
Sleeve length (armpit to wrist): 17”

Fit: According to their site, The Modern Long is a straight boxy cut, but slightly snug across the chest for a bit of added femininity. The rest is loose-fitting throughout the waist for comfort.
Color: White/True Blue/Poppy

This is the most form fitting of my striped shirts. Whenever I first put it on, it feels a little tight. Within minutes, I no longer notice that it’s more fitted.

While it’s too difficult to pick a favorite, the truth is I would purchase any of these shirts again.


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