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About Me

About Me (06-22-2014)

One of my highlights of Alt Summit was spending a few minutes with Laurie Smithwick of Leap Design. I had been looking to revamp my “About” page, but wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. It didn’t feel like “me” and wasn’t very exciting. After spending less than 10 minutes with Laurie, I had some great ideas!


In my Alt recap (read more here), I mentioned one of my key takeaways was determining my focus. After an afternoon of brainstorming, I came up with three words to describe my brand: Modern, Fit and Planned.

Modern: applies to both my style and home decor. Classic, but contemporary.

Fit: captures my quest for a balanced lifestyle. Fitness adventures and good food.

Planned: belief that preparation and a good list are a must. Love of structure, tradition and routine.


Hop over to my new page and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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  1. I love the new ‘about’ page! It’s not too long or too short and reflects you perfectly!

    Published 7.9.14
  2. Amye Mae wrote:

    Love your “about” page… I’m new here but think it really gives a strong and direct impression. Inspired to revisit my page now – thanks!

    Published 7.9.14
    • Erica \ Luv in the Bubble wrote:

      Thanks for visiting Luv in the Bubble Amye! The refresh took some advice from a pro and a fun brainstorming session, but it was well worth it. Good luck!

      Published 7.10.14
  3. Emily Rizer wrote:

    I love you new About page. I am going through a similar phase in my blog of trying to focus it. It’s interesting how much direction your blog changes even a few months after starting it! Your new page is laid out lovely and represents your brand very well! Love your blog!

    Emily | http://www.emilyanddot.blogspot.com

    Published 7.12.14
    • Erica \ Luv in the Bubble wrote:

      It really does change so much in the first few months! Maybe it’s the process of finding your voice and focus that every blogger goes through. Thanks so much for blog love!

      Published 7.13.14