Weekend Roundup: No. 145

Banana Republic Leather Jacket


Oh friends, what a week. I somehow have the unfortunate luck of two kids that don’t want to sleep this week. Lawson’s average bedtime was 10:30pm with one night after midnight. Sybil has been up for at least 90 minutes every night starting around 2am. It’s been a doozy. I know they are just going through different growth phases and it will pass in time. That definitely doesn’t make it easier though.


Yesterday felt like a crisp fall day. I’m getting excited for cozy sweaters, boots and jackets. There’s plenty of summer left, especially when we get to LA next week. This little taste of fall will get me through until the real thing arrives on the west coast.


I’m kicking off the weekend with a massage today. It’s an early birthday gift from my parents that I’ve been looking forward to all week. My brother is on tap to make his famous moscow mule tonight and I’m planning on getting in a couple of short runs this weekend. Whatever you’re up to, make it a great one!



Getting out of the house during nap time to grab an iced tea and write a blog post. It was so nice to focus on something other than Lawson and Sybil for a couple of hours.



My low point of the week was losing my patience with Sybil early one morning. She had been awake for 2 hours and I couldn’t get her back to sleep no matter what I tried. My mom rescued me after she heard me swearing at my poor sweet little Sybil while begging her to go to sleep. After a 20 minute break, I turned my attitude around and she finally fell asleep at 5:15am.



Banana Republic’s friends and family weekend is here. There’s 50% off all regular priced items in stores and online (no exclusions!) with an additional 10% off if you use your BR (or Gap) card. I bought a classic black moto leather jacket from BR two years ago during their friends and family sale (worn in the photo above). With all the discounts it’s $225 which is an awesome price for a high quality leather jacket. And if you have a BR card, it’s likely you have some rewards to use (and now you know how I bargain shop even for investment pieces!) While browsing their site, I noticed BR now carries AG Jeans. I didn’t test it, but these should be 50% off too!



photo by cacie carroll photography



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