Boston Strong

boston strong



Although I’ve only visited Boston a few times and I’ll likely never qualify for the Boston Marathon, the city and event have been in my thoughts the past few days. With the one year anniversary of the bombings earlier this week and the 2014 Boston Marathon next Monday, I’ve been thinking about the victims and residents of Boston. The moment I found out about the bombings is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I can picture exactly where I was when I first heard the horrible news and how I felt sick to my stomach.


As someone that completed my first marathon earlier this year, I know what a special and joyous occasion it should be for both runner and spectator. The spectators are such an important part of the race, especially near the finish line. After walking for parts of the last 6 miles, the cheers of people I didn’t even know inspired me to run and finish strong. I know I couldn’t have accomplished it without them.


I was, and continue to be, impressed by the residents of Boston and the running community that came together to support them. This year’s marathon will have more runners and spectators than ever before. I’ll be following along on race day from afar and can’t wait for Boston to show the world the city and its residents are stronger than ever.


If you’re looking for some inspiration or just reflection, check out this video from a few days after the 2013 Boston Marathon and these photos of survivors.


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