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Pink and Blue

Cult Gaia Ark Cult Gaia Ark Cult Gaia Ark Cult Gaia Ark

Cult Gaia Ark

Cult Gaia Ark

Cult Gaia Ark


This last photo might be one of my favorite outfit photos of all time. I’ve already mentioned how impractical this Cult Gaia Ark bag is, but I love, love, love it. And the pink heels with the colorful flooring are so fun. I rarely wear heels anymore. When I do, I want them to be fun.  These are from last year, but I noticed they still have a few sizes in other colors on super sale. Banana Republic really improved their shoes in the past year. These have more padding than most and are actually comfortable. I highly recommend snagging a pair of the remaining colors!


Anyone else overanalyze what they write (emails, text messages, blog posts)? I know I do. I find myself using “but” as a conjunction all.the.time. It drives me nuts. Other things I write that drive me crazy…just, so, really. I used them 4 times above even after editing! Maybe it’s time for a writing class. What words drive you crazy? 


shirt: j crew (similar); jeans: madewell; shoes: banana republic; bag: cult gaia; necklace: maya brenner; bracelets: david yurman (here, here and here); ring: david yurman; sunglasses: warby parker


photos by j petite photography


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  1. Brittany Steinkamp wrote:

    What a great outfit – those heels are amazing! I also read and re-read my posts all the time. I am working on not using “it” or “that”. So hard!

    Published 6.2.17