Fit Bits: Sports Bras

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clockwise from top left: Hullabraloo by Athleta / Va Va Sport Bra by Athleta / Champion T-Back Sports Bra / Flow Y Bra by Lululemon


When my cousin asked if I had any recommendations for a good sports bra (thanks Jill!), I was excited to pass along my advice. Before settling on these four staples, it felt like I tried hundreds to find the fit and support I wanted. I vary my sports bra based on the activity and have settled on these top 4.


For running, I prefer the Hullabraloo and Va Va sports bras by Athleta. They are comfortable, supportive and still leave a glimpse of cleavage. I tried A LOT of bras to find these two. They both get 5 stars in my book. The only downside to the Va Va sports bra is it  has three hooks in the back. It can be hard for me to get all of them by myself.


For yoga, I am a fan of the Flow Y bra from Lululemon. It has just enough support and coverage, but not so much that I wouldn’t wear it to a hot yoga class.


Lastly, I used to strictly wear the Champion T-Back sports bra for all activities. Since I decided I needed more support for running, I’ve transitioned to using it for strength training. It’s easy to get on and off and does the trick for lower impact activities.


Do you have any favorites that I’m missing?

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