Gift Guide: Gifts for Toddlers

Gifts for Toddlers

You’d think gifts for toddlers would be easy for me, but I actually struggled with this one! For Lawson and Sybil, we try to stick with 3-4 gifts plus a bigger item from Santa. Now that they also get stockings, there’s plenty of options to gift them.

I had a hard time narrowing their wish lists down to a few of the bigger items. I just ordered their superhero capes tonight and am so stinking excited (more on them below). Honestly, they’d probably be thrilled if that’s the only thing we gave them!

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SUPERHERO CAPE: Every night when I put Lawson and Sybil to bed, I tell them a story about Super Sybie and Lightning Lawson, a brother and sister superhero duo. Out of all the gifts they’ll get from us, I am most excited for them to open their very own superhero capes on Christmas morning.

PUZZLE: Lawson has two of the Melissa & Doug puzzles. They are easy enough he can do them on his own without getting frustrated. The USA map version would be a great addition to his collection.

DRESS: I’m not normally into the red and white theme of the holidays, but I can’t get this dress for Sybil out of my head. How cute would it be with tights and her black rain boots??!

WATER BOTTLE: We could use another water bottle in our rotation. I’ve read great reviews on Hydro Flask and love that it isn’t plastic.

SWEATSHIRT: My kiddos love shirts with pockets for their hands. This monster sweatshirt is cute without straying too far from my simple is better motto.

ALPHABET CARDS: Aren’t these the cutest alphabet cards?! I love that they instill a sense of adventure.

WATCH: One of the items on Lawson’s lengthy Christmas list is a watch. I was debating between a digital and regular version. Since I have no idea if he’ll actually wear it, this version is cool without breaking the bank.

DOLLHOUSE ACCESSORIES: Sybil got a dollhouse for her birthday and now needs some accessories to fill it!

PAINT STICKS: It seems like I see these paint sticks wherever I look. One of my goals is to do more craft activities with Lawson and Sybil. They’ll find these in their stockings this year!

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