Haldi Skin Review

Haldi Skin Review

Haldi Skin Review

I’ve been using Haldi for almost 9 months now. I think it is such a wonderful concept and want to spread the word about my experience with it. 

Haldi builds custom skincare routines one customer at a time. You will complete a skincare quiz, including products you’re currently using, primary concerns, budget, complexity of the routine (are you a minimalist or do you want to have a 10-step skincare routine?), and other factors. Haldi will review your current products for “Ingredient Offenders” and then recommend a custom morning and evening routine for you, including your existing products.

Seven Reasons Why I Love Haldi

When I was brainstorming why I like Haldi so much, I quickly came up with a list of 7 reasons why it’s been great for me. 

  1. It’s customizable and flexible to your budget, skin concerns, etc. When the seasons changed, my skin coach reached out to see if I needed to adjust any of the products I was using. 
  2. Haldi works with your existing products so you don’t have to toss everything and start fresh (you can do that if you want though!). I first completed a skin quiz last fall when I was out of a cleanser and moisturizer and knew I wanted to replace those products.
  3. They are responsive. It takes 2-3 days after you complete the skin quiz for your assigned coach to create your suggested routines. From there, I went back and forth via email a few times to make sure I understood how I should use the products (what order, how often, etc). I felt a bit guilty at first emailing back and forth with so many questions. Then I let it go and figured that is what the skin coach is there for!
  4. It’s easy. Plain and simple. From the skin quiz to ordering. I find going into a beauty store completely overwhelming with the sheer amount of options. This is the opposite experience. 
  5. Haldi allows me to try new brands/products, which I enjoy. They know which skincare brands mix and match well and make those recommendations for me. I’ve tried brands I hadn’t even heard of before!
  6. I truly believe it saves me money by eliminating my own trial and error. 
  7. While not the most important reason, fast shipping is a nice benefit. I’ve placed an order on Monday and it’s shipped the same day and arrived by Wednesday. Don’t hold them to this, but every order I’ve placed has shipped quickly.

I forgot to include the most important reason – it works! I’ve really liked all the products they’ve recommended and found a few that I know will be in my routine for years to come.

I’m happy to answer any questions about Haldi that you might have either in the comments, email (at erica.kartak@gmail.com) or DM via Instagram.

Disclosure: This post is in no way sponsored. I do receive product credit if you make a purchase through this link. 

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