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Whole30 Round Two Update

Kelly Green Sweater

sweater: j crew // jeans: madewell // shoes: cole haan // bag: cult gaia // necklace: maya brenner // bracelets: david yurman (here, here and here) // rings: david yurman and catbird nyc

Yesterday it was 50 and raining and today it’s supposed to be 70 and sunny. The swing in temperatures made me realize I need to wear my white jeans as often as I can before the snow hits.

Maybe it’s because Sybil’s favorite color is green, but I’ve been more drawn to it over the past year. So when I saw this kelly green sweater on sale, I knew Sybil would be proud of me for trying it.

Today is my one month mark of doing Whole30. It feels like a lie writing that I actually completed another round though. I followed the framework 90% of the time and the other 10% I indulged in ice cream with the kids, a small cup of cashews and my favorite chocolate chips, a chocolate croissant with Lawson, or a slice of pizza.

I generally stuck to Whole30 for breakfast, lunch and dinner and used my 10% for a glass of wine or a sweet treat. 

Even though I didn’t follow a strict Whole30 diet, I feel really good about the past month. I lost 5 pounds and feel much better. Less stomach bloat and a happier stomach all around. 

Sticking to a 90/10 rule is much more realistic for me. I do like to treat myself occasionally and don’t want to feel like I never get that opportunity. 

The first two weeks I didn’t work out. The past two weeks I’ve managed to jog 3x a week. If my main goal was losing weight, I would stick to my 90/10 diet and up the workouts. 


Kelly Green Sweater

Kelly Green Sweater Kelly Green Sweater Kelly Green Sweater

photos by jenna sparks photography

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  1. jenn wrote:

    I find whole 30 SO hard because I love food so very much. But, like you, every time I attempted it, I definitely had about 10% non-compliant (mine was coffee with milk + sugar:). Glad you’re feeling great!

    Published 10.2.19
    • Following the 90/10 rule is so much easier and realistic for me. I like food too much too!

      Published 10.10.19