Traffic Control Signs (rev. 09/04/012) Highway Illumination Tower Concrete Pad With Retaining Wall (new 09/01/17) E 706-TTFT-02 Guardrail at Median-Side Support, Divided Roadway, Single Overhead Struct. 09/01/19) Alloy Pipe 6" x 1"(Lock Seam) (rev. This list is provided as a centralized resource for standards required when working with ADOT. E 802-TCSS-05 05/01/98), E 622-LSPL-01 Corrugated-Steel Pipe Thickness, Abrasive Site (rev. E 715-BKFL-06 E 720-ICCA-15 Anchor Bolt Detail Signal Steel Strain Poles (eff. 2020 Standard Drawings. Cast-in-Place Box-Culvert Extension (eff. 09/01/17) E 706-MSRW-03 Alum. Lighting Walkway (new 09/03/13) E 715-BKFL-10, Pipe Backfill Method 1, New Roadway, Trench (eff. Underdrain Details (rev. E 715-PHCL-08 11/15/99, format update only) E 601-GCTA-04 Standard Drawings. 09/02/03) (eff. 09/01/11) E 717-PHCL-10, Pipe, Structural-Plate, Alum. 09/01/19) 09/01/18) Placement of Traffic Control Devices (eff. 09/01/19) E 607-PSDT-02 11/15/99, format update only) 09/03/13, editorial only) Alloy, Steel-Bolted: 9 x 2 (rev. E 801-TCDV-06 03/03/03) 09/01/19) 09/04/12) Drawing Series & Numbers. Double Mailbox Assembly (eff. 09/01/11), Integral (Vertical), Type B (Sloping), and Type C (Vertical), Concrete Curbs, HMA Curbs, & Sawed Joints (rev. 09/01/11) 09/01/20) E 706-TTPP-04 09/03/13, editorial only) E 807-LTHI-08 09/01/15, editorial only), Virtual Weigh-In-Motion (VWIM) (new 09/04/12), E 809-ITSC-01 07/27/99, format update only) Catch Basin Type J (eff. Type TH1 - TH4 for Prestress Wide-Flange Bulb-Tee Beams (new 09/04/12, RPD 726-B-194d) 07/27/99, format update only) 09/01/17, format update only) Class I and Class III Drive Approach Grades (rev. Light Service Point Details Cabinet Wiring Type II (eff. E 604-SWCR-05 Worksite Speed Limit Sign Assembly for Intermittent Use (Workers Present) (rev. E 601-GCTA-06, End Panel Plan & Elevation (eff. E 808-DLIM-09, Drawing Index and General Notes (rev. Panel Dimensions, Spans 84' thru 130' (new 09/03/13) 09/01/19), Ramp Entrance/Exit, Concrete Shoulder (del. 09/01/17 ) Wide-Flange Sign Support Base Connection ( rev. E 805-SGCO-03 09/01/17) Guardrail Transition Type GP Plan (rev. 09/01/17) E 805-TSCS-15 E 807-LTFD-03A 01/03/00), E 605-CNCC-01 Cover Limits--Vitrified Clay Pipe (rev. 09/04/01) 11/15/99, format update only) E 802-SCLS-09 09/01/16) Temporary Crossovers Entrance Detail (eff. 09/01/21) E 706-BRTF-04, Railing, TF-2 Index (rev. 11/15/99, format update only), Roadway Drain Casting Pipe (eff. General Notes (eff. E 805-SGGR-02 11/15/99, format update only) 09/01/19) Table of Dimensions, Spans 82' thru 130' and Camber (new 09/03/13) Blended Transition Curb Ramp Component Details (eff. E 801-TCDV-08 09/01/17) Anchor System Details (rev. End Support Base Plate and I.D. 09/01/17), Draintile Classes: Extra, Extra-Duty, Special (rev. 09/01/19) 05/01/00) INDOT ITS Cabinet Microloop Card Rack Wiring Diagram (eff. E 807-LTUP-06 09/01/19, format update only) Dec 2017 - Present5 years 4 months. Railing Type FT and Moment Slab Atop MSE Wall PCCP (del. Double Arm Connections, Weld Details, Chord End Plate Details, and Camber (new 09/03/13) Temporary Erosion Control Perimeter Construction Entrance (new 09/01/19), E 205-TECS-01 E 724-BSSJ-03 Street Or Alley Approach PCCP or HMA Mainline Pavement (rev. Expansion Joint Class SS (Alternate D) (eff. E 805-PPBA-03, Pedestrian Pushbutton Assembly Details (new 09/01/17) 09/01/99) E 604-SWCR-14, Curb Ramp Drawing Index and General Notes (rev. E 801-TCTC-02 Cover Limits--Corr. E 622-LSPR-06 E 809-ITSC-06A Traffic Control Devices at one Lane Bridge on Two Lane Road (eff. E 610-PRAP-03 E 802-SNGP-13 09/01/19) E 802-SBTS-06 E 503-CCPJ-06 09/01/11), E 601-NWGA-01 09/01/09), E 717-ANCH-01 09/03/02) E 805-TSCS-10 E 607-PSDT-06, Paved Side Ditch Elevations Types A-H and J-M (eff. 01/02/01) 03/01/02), E 601-GCTA-01 Tag Details (new 09/03/13) E 706-TTPP-05 Plan, Base-Slab Method (eff. 09/01/11) 09/02/03) 09/01/17, format update only) Type III Barricade Typical Applications for Road Closure to All Traffic (rev. E 720-MHST-03 Planting on Slope (rev. E 805-TSCS-19, Drawing Index (new 09/03/13) 11/15/99, format update only) Public Road Approach Type A (rev. 09/01/17) 09/01/11) Parallel Freeway Entrance Lanes (rev. Steel H-Pile Splice (eff. E 715-PHCL-23 09/01/16), E 801-TCFO-01 Cover Limits--Misc. E 609-RCBA-02 09/01/11), E 617-CDIN-01 E 610-PRAP-10 Railing, TF-2 Steel Tube and Rail Splice Details (rev. Bridge Railing Transition, TTF-2 Sections (rev. E 604-SWCR-07 Alloy Pipe 2 2/3" x 1/2"(Riveted) (rev. Products in this section are compliant with NCHRP Report 350. E 601-MGSA-12 E 802-SBTS-18 E 802-DMSS-18 09/01/11) Foundation, Drilled Shaft Type F, for Dual Arms Greater Than 35' to 45' (new 09/03/13), E 805-SGCF-01 E 713-TCTR-02 Standards Committee; Standard Specifications; Standard Drawings; Recurring and Unique Special Provisions & Recurring Plan Details; Indiana Design Manual; Memos, Policies, and Instructions. E 717-ANCH-03, Structural-Plate Steel Pipe-Arch (rev. Alum. Freeway - Double Acceleration Lanes (new 09/01/2018) Quadri-Chord Arm Connection (Lower) to Column and Wire Outlet Detail (new 09/03/13) 2020 Standard Drawings. E 720-MHCA-03, Flat Top Grate Casting Type 2 (rev. E 506-CCPP-07, Concrete Pavement Patching Drawing Index and General Notes (rev. 11/15/99, format update only), E 616-SWCO-01 Last Updated: 05/18/2020. Polyethylene Pipe (rev. E 706-CBRT-02 Combination Arm Dimensions & Details (rev. Temporary Crossover Type B Paving and Closure Layout (eff. Settings, Start voice E 801-TCTC-04 E 720-INST-05 09/04/12, editorial only), Guardrailed Drive at Bridge End (eff. Wide-Flange Sign Support, Post Selection Table,Clear Height=20 ft (new 09/01/17) D-1 Contraction Joint Details (rev. E 808-MKRM-05 09/01/17) 09/01/19) Pipe-Arch, Structural-Plate, Alum. 11/15/99, format update only) E 606-SHCG-08 11/15/99, format update only) E 715-MPCA-02, Double or Triple Pipes (rev. But when you're done reading it, click the close button in the corner to dismiss this alert. Inlet Type J (eff. E 605-GTRC-03, Sections & Details (eff. 09/01/04) Steel Diaphragms Indiana Bulb-Tees, 60" or Deeper (eff. Double Arm Plan and Elevation (new 09/03/13) 09/01/11) Slotted Vane Drain Pipe Isometric Views; Details (rev. 09/01/18), Thrie-Beam Guardrail to Thrie Beam Guardrail Transition, TTT (eff. E 802-DMSS-05 09/01/19) Expansion Joint Class SS (Alternate B) (eff. 09/04/12) 09/03/02) 11/15/99, format update only), E 805-SGFB-01 Anchor Assembly, Anchor Details (eff. Cover Limits--Sprial Rib Steel (new 09/01/17) 11/15/99, format update only) E 720-CBST-03 E 807-LTUP-07, Underpass Lighting Details (rev. E 706-BRSF-02 09/01/20) Paved Side Ditch Lugs & Sodded Ditch Details (rev. 03/01/06). E 610-PRAP-06 Reinforced Concrete Bridge Approach Skewed(rev. 09/04/07), E 715-GBTO-01 Traffic Control for Overhead Installation (rev. 09/01/15; renumbered, prev. 09/01/19) 11/15/99, format update only) E 706-MSRW-05 09/01/17), Pipe Classification Tables (rev. Catch Basin Hood (rev. 09/01/17) 11/15/99, format update only) 09/01/18) 09/01/11), E 724-BSSJ-01 Section at Stream Crossing or Depression (eff. But when you're done reading it, click the close button in the corner to dismiss this alert. 09/04/12, format update only), Shoulder Treatment for Resurfacing Work (edit. 03/03/03) Traffic Control for Overhead Sign Installation (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) 11/15/99, format update only) Light Handhole Connections (rev. E 805-SGCO-05 09/01/11) Joint Details (new 09/01/20) 09/01/17) 09/01/16) 09/01/19) 09/03/02) 03/01/04), E 805-TSCS-01 Traffic Signal Loop Installation (eff. 03/01/05) E 724-BSSJ-04 Light Handhole Drain & Cable Marker (rev. Panel Sign Post Clip (rev. E 610-DRIV-11 E 807-LTWR-02 Public Road Crossover Type S (eff. End Support Upper Chord Connection Details (new 09/03/13) 09/01/11) Grated Box End Section Type I Dimensions (rev. 09/01/05) 09/04/12, prev. MGS W-Beam Guardrail, Multi-Lane Divided Roadway, Working Width, 4'-5" and < 5'-0" (new 09/01/19) 11/15/99, format update only), E 720-CBST-01 Steel Sign Post Selection Table (rev. 09/01/17) 01/03/00) E 801-TCFO-06, Flagger Operations (rev. Smooth Pipe, Dimensions Tables: Circular & Elliptical Pipes (rev. Cable Span Sign Structure Details Components (eff. 09/02/08) Drilled Shaft Foundation Type A for Arms 35' or Less (rev. Base Plate and Pole Top Cover Details (new 09/03/13) 09/01/15) 09/04/12) 09/01/21) Wide Flange Post Selection Table (deleted 09/01/17) E 807-LTHH-02 E 809-ITSC-07, ITS Cabinet Detail (eff. Retrofit Load Transfer for Load (eff. Span and Catenary Attachment (rev. Approved Products List (APL) Bridge Group Structural Detail Drawings. E 622-LSPR-04 Grounding Posts, Multiple Compression Fitting (rev. Assembly Details, Strut & Yoke Details (eff. Rumble Strip Limits: Near an Intersection, Drive, Bridge, or Railroad (new 09/01/19), E 607-PSDT-01 Tmt. E 805-TSCS-07 E 807-LTHH-03, Light Handhole Details (rev. E 801-TCLC-13 11/15/99, format update only) Concrete Bridge Railing Transition Type TFC Sections (rev. Manhole Type C (rev. E 622-LSPL-08 09/01/19), W-Beam to Thrie-Beam Guardrail Transition Type WGT, Nonmotorized-Vehicle-Use Facility, HMA Pavement, Concrete Curbs, Asphalt Curbs, & Sawed Joints, Concrete Gutter & Curb Stirrup Bending Diagram, Transition of Earth Shoulder to Curb Section, Pavement Corrugations, Rumble Strips, and Rumble Stripes, RCBA Extension for Bridge Railing Transition (prev. 09/01/21) 09/01/20) 09/04/12, format update only) E 715-BKFL-07 Alloy, Steel-Bolted: 9 x 2 (rev. Temporary Sediment Trap (new 09/01/19) 11/15/99, format update only) PVC and Polypropylene Pipe (rev. Wide-Flange Sign Support, Post Selection Table,Clear Height=22 ft (new 09/01/17) 09/04/12, editorial only) 09/01/19) E 808-MKRM-03 E 604-SWCR-09 Plan E 802-SCLS-17 E 704-BDCG-05, Deck Drain Type OS (rev. 01/03/00) 09/01/17) Wide-Flange Sign Support, Post Selection Table,Clear Height=12 ft (new 09/01/17) E 807-LTSP-04, Light Service Point Details Service Point Type I (rev. E 805-SDAC-09, Drawing Index (new 09/03/13) 09/02/08) Temporary Erosion Control Slope Diversion Interceptors (new 09/04/12), E 211-BFIL-01 E 801-TCSN-04 Railing & Moment Slab at MSE (edit. 09/01/20) Class II, IV & V Drives Approach Grades (rev.