Life Lately: An Update

Life Lately

Whenever I don’t publish a blog post for more than a week, I always feel like I have a ton of things to share! We had a last minute trip to the east coast last week, but we made it back to Denver in time for our first snow of the season on Sunday. Lawson absolutely loved it! We had to drag him inside with promises of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Most of the snow has melted, but his snowman is holding strong.

I have many random thoughts to share…here goes it.

The Sugar Paper x Target holiday collection launches November 1st. I stock up on wrapping paper to use throughout the year. The collection also includes paper plates, cups and napkins. I’m a huge fan of the black and white!

In other Target news, I came across this Schmidt’s toothpaste while in a store a couple of weeks ago. It’s free of aluminum, flouride, parabens and a bunch of other stuff that’s bad for you. David’s Toothpaste still reins as my absolute favorite clean toothpaste, but Schmidt’s is an awesome dupe for half the cost.

As Lawson and Sybil get older and start spending more time with others, I’ve been thinking about teaching them how to stay safe around others. This article on how to teach your kids to keep their bodies safe was great timing.

Did you install the latest iPhone update? There’s a new feature that tracks how much time you spend on your phone each day. The first week I spent almost 24 hours on my phone. An entire day! I was disgusted. Jim and I implemented a phone free zone from 6-9pm every night. You can set it on your phone so your apps are locked (which you can indicate for each app). I also set a daily social media and total time limit.

Next up on my reading list is Next Year in Havana. My knowledge of Cuba prior to reading this book is next to nothing. Needless to say, I’ve found the history very interesting. The next two books I got from the library are Love and Other Words and Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win. After that I need to take a little break!

Speaking of the library, I’ve started requesting cookbooks. I have a habit of buying them without really knowing if the recipes will interest me or not. I got The Minimalist Kitchen this week. It’s definitely a cookbook I would purchase and will be on my holiday wish list. (On the other hand, True Roots had too many ingredients that I don’t typically have on hand.)

I spent over an hour with the kids at Target earlier this week. It seems we can always use something for the house. Target had so many good decor items, I was taking photos of everything! I picked up this boxwood wreath for our front door. We’re using a door wreath hanger, but I want to try black and white ribbon. I feel a Pinterest fail coming on…

On Monday, I had my first annual exam in two years. I left with instructions to make four appointments – a follow up ultrasound to check my fibroid (aka Ronnie), a mammogram (I’ve entered the age of annual mammograms), biopsy of some strange skin tissue and a general appointment with a primary care provider. It seemed daunting, but it feels good to take control of my health again. With moving, being pregnant/breastfeeding and taking care of kiddos, I let those appointments take a back seat the past two years.

I have to complete 80 hours of continuing professional education every two years to maintain active status for my CPA license. Every year since I left the corporate world, I get really behind and have to do the full 80 hours within a month or two. It’s one of those things I know I should do, but really don’t want to!

Apparently it’s common to BOO your neighbors with kids. I saw it in Mandy’s newsletter. Once I mentioned it to Lawson, it took on a life of it’s own. Being new to the neighborhood and all, I wasn’t sure if the other parents would hate me or not. Consensus seems to be it’s popular and well liked, especially if you include some BOO-ze for the parents. We’re getting our bags ready tonight and will be BOOing two of our neighbors tomorrow.

I watched and loved season 1 of The Crown. Season 2 has been available for months, but I haven’t started it yet because I don’t want it to be over. Anyone else do this? It took me a year after the release date to read the last Harry Potter book. Ha!

That’s all friends, I hope to be back tomorrow with another post!


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