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best cookbooks for a minimalist kitchen

I have a bit of a problem. I am slightly obsessed with collecting cookbooks. The problem with this is I don’t like a lot of stuff, including cookbooks. Recently my stack was exceeding the allowable counter space, so I pared it back to these five.

A quick tip – I often request a cookbook I’m interested in from the library. That way I can be sure I will really make the recipes before spending the money to buy it.

Best Cookbooks for a Minimalist Kitchen

ONE // Half Baked Harvest: This is the one aspirational cookbook I kept. Tieghan creates gorgeous dishes. While I prefer her other cookbook, I had to keep this one too. If you’re more adventurous in the kitchen, I highly recommend it.

TWO // Half Baked Harvest Super Simple: The same beautiful images and delicious recipes as the original, but much more geared towards the ingredients I readily have on hand and amount of time I want to dedicate towards making dinner. The autumn harvest salad is delicious!

THREE // The Defined Dish: This is the latest addition to my cookbook collection. I’ve been picking one recipe to make every week. They’ve all been delicious! The recipes are Whole30-ish meaning you can make most of them to be Whole30 compliant. Even if you don’t, they are still healthy meals with smaller amounts of dairy or gluten. So far the chicken parmesan and lemony asparagus have topped our favorites list.

FOUR // The Minimalist Kitchen: I mean, how can I claim to have a minimalist kitchen without this cookbook? I value the author’s advice about which appliances and tools are necessary for a complete kitchen. I almost always have the ingredients on hand for her chocolate chip cookie recipe (no softening of butter or refrigerating the dough). I made a deal with Jim that if he requests them before 8pm, I’ll gladly make a batch.

FIVE // Simple Cake: If you’re only going to own one dessert cookbook, let this one be it. I’ve written an entire post about my love of Simple Cake. The chocolatey-chocolate cake is on Lawson and Jim’s birthday wish list!

What’s your favorite cookbook? I’m sure there’s a few I’m missing!

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