The Natural Baby & Toddler Products We Use Daily


natural baby products

I’ve used natural baby products since Lawson was born. In that time, I’ve definitely come up with my list of favorites. Once I find something I like and works, I generally stick with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! So here’s our tried and true, use them every day products from toothpaste to diapers and everything in between.

natural baby products

Diapers & Wipes

I don’t even want to know how many diapers and wipes we’ve used in the past almost 3.5 years. Actually, I do. I’d probably be mortified, but I’m curious enough to want to know.  We started out using Earth’s Best diapers, but switched to Babyganics when Amazon kept running out of Earth’s Best. I’ve also tried the new Pampers Pure, but they leaked a lot for us.

99.9% of the wipes we’ve used have been Babyganics. Some people have complained about mold on these wipes (and almost every other brand), but it’s never happened to us.

I did need a pack of travel wipes and picked up Water Wipes while at Target. I was impressed and would buy them again.

Note: we set up an Amazon subscription for both diapers and wipes. It’s one of the best things we’ve done since we rarely ever run out. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’re out and now need a frantic trip to the store.


natural baby products

Diaper Cream

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste has always worked great for us. There are a few versions, but we use the one in a green box and sometimes layer it with the Tubby Todd all over ointment (mentioned below). Sybil has had really bad diaper rash and gets occasional yeast infections. One of my mom’s friends recommended Calmoseptine. You can also get it at your local pharmacy. It will be behind the counter, but doesn’t require a prescription.


Our go to everyday lotion rotates between Tubby Todd or Grace Mabel (also available at Amazon). For really dry spots or eczema, I highly recommend Tubby Todd’s all over ointment. I’ve even used it when Lawson or Sybil have a terrible case of diaper rash.


I’ve tried a few and Beautycounter is my favorite. Our whole family uses it. It works (we’ve never gotten sunburnt) and doesn’t leave a white residue. It’s the first Beautycounter product I used and the reason I became a consultant. I put a sunscreen stick in our diaper bag so I always have it on me (it says face but I’ve always used it all over them).

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash

In the past, we’ve used Babyganics, Honest Co and Tubby Todd. Now we consistently use the Beautycounter kids bath collection. The bottles last a long time (we’ve been using them for 3 months are are nowhere near empty).

Bubble Bath

I’m the first to admit bubble bath is a complete luxury. Do you need bubble bath? Absolutely not. It’s expensive and they use it up quickly. But it’s a fun treat every so often and makes for a great stocking stuffer or grandparent gift! That being said, Tubby Todd or Honest Co are our favorites.

Laundry Detergent

I’ve used a ton…Honest Co, Babyganics, Mrs. Meyers. I can’t tell a difference between them, but I realized the one I was using wasn’t as safe as I thought it was and looked up the ratings on EWG and it got a C (and Babyganics got an F). That was definitely a wake-up call to do my research. Now we use seventh generation free & clear packs for the whole family. I don’t use fabric softener, but swear by the wool dryer balls.


When we’re hit with stuffy noses that make it difficult to breathe at night, I add a light layer of the Grace Mabel breathe balm to their chest, back and bottoms of their feet. It’s usually enough to help Lawson and Sybil fall asleep. I even use it when I have a cold!

We haven’t had a need for insect repellant (yet), but Julia recommended Nantucket Spider and I trust her.

For toothpaste, we used Tom’s toddler training toothpaste until the kids turned two. Since then, we’ve used Nature’s Gate toothpaste gel (I bought it at Whole Foods).

Whenever summer rolls around, Lawson and Sybil seem to scrape their knees on a daily basis. After a particularly bad one, I wanted something to put on that wasn’t neosporin. The salesperson at Whole Foods recommended Waleda face cream, which seemed to work.

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