3 Favorite Face Masks

Natural Face Masks

While I tend to stick to a skincare regimen that works for me, I love to try new natural face masks and explore different brands. My goal is to apply a face mask 2-3x a week. Reality is it’s closer to 1-2x. It’s a way for me to relax and I always find my skin looks and feels so much better.

I’ll admit I was using face masks all wrong until recently. I can be lazy and would use the face mask as my cleanser as well until my girlfriend told me I should start with a clean face (which I’ve since confirmed on various sites). Oops! So start by removing your makeup, using your favorite cleanser and then apply your mask.

My 3 favorite face masks right now are May Lindstrom Honey Mud, Beautycounter Plumping + Peony, and Tata Harper Resurfacing.

Clay Mask

If I’m in need of a deep clean, I reach for May Lindstrom Honey Mud. It goes on thick and smells so good you could eat it (one of my friends described it as honey chocolate – yum!). Afterwards my skin feels soft and squeaky clean. Bonus points since you can also use Honey Mud as a cleanser (but remember to start with a clean face when you use it as a mask).

A more recent go to is the Beautycounter Plumping + Peony mask. I used it the other night after an especially long day and it was just the me time I needed. My skin felt soft and moisturized. The next morning I woke up, touched my face and wondered why it was so soft. It took me a couple of minutes to remember doing the mask the night before. #mombrain Plus the packaging looks pretty in my cabinet!

Resurfacing Mask

I’ve never had a face peel, but the Tata Harper Resurfacing mask is what I imagine a peel to be. I reach for it when my skin needs a pick me up or when I have a special event the following day (wedding, party, date night). The result is an instant glow and skin as smooth as a baby’s butt.

Charcoal Mask

I’ve read such great things about the healing properties of charcoal. My skin can be finicky depending on the time of the month. I’m going to try this charcoal mask to see if it helps.

Have you tried using a different face mask for problem areas than the rest of your face? If you have oily skin on your forehead, you can use a face mask specifically to combat oiliness on your forehead and then another on the rest of your face. I haven’t yet, but want to give it a shot!

What are your favorite natural face masks?



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