What I Bought in April

What I bought in April Oof, looking back April was a big month of purchases. I’m pretty sure this happens every April with Jim and Lawson’s birthdays and the shift to spring/summer clothing.  Shinola watch: When Jim mentioned he’d like…

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What I Bought in March

What I Bought in March The month of March was filled with purchases for my brother’s wedding. I bought very little else this month! I’m already working on a post about what I bought in April, which will be a much…

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What I Bought in January and February

Hello, hello! It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy with work, volunteering for the read-a-thon at Lawson’s school, and general life. Throw in a month of bad colds, followed by COVID for 3 of us and I’m ready for spring. Catching…

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Costo Shopping List

After holding out for years, we got a Costco membership a few months ago. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and throw everything into the cart. Through trial and error (and lots of looking at ingredient labels), I have a list…

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