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This quote resonated with me as I completed week 15 of marathon training and the longest training run of 20 miles last Saturday!  It’s been a few days and I still can’t believe that I ran 20 miles…at once.  It took a little over 3 hours and it definitely hurt, but I’m proud I was able to finish.


The one question I get asked the most is what I do or think about when running for 3 hours.  It depends on the day as some are easier than others, but I typically always set mini-goals for myself to break it up, including when to start listening to music or an audiobook and when I eat and drink. Believe it or not, I ran 18 miles without any music…sometimes you get into a groove! I think about everything from work to blog topics to gift ideas. It doesn’t always work, but I really try not to entertain the idea of stopping. Once it gets in my head as a possibility, it’s harder and harder to keep going. I even developed a mantra for myself and repeat it over and over when the going gets really tough. Only one more really long training run (another 20-miler) after a recovery week this week and then race tapering will begin!


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