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Spotlight On: SLATHERlotions

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One of my favorite things about Phoenix is the local, creative community. In the past year I’ve met so many people doing amazing things, which inspired me to start a new series. Once a month, I’ll be spotlighting a local brand that I know and love. First up is SLATHERlotions. I was first introduced to Chelsea at Phoenix Flea last November when I purchased her face and hand lotion. I keep mine by the kitchen sink to use whenever my hands start to get dry, which seems to be all day long this winter. I can also use a little on my face if I notice it drying out throughout the day. Read on for more on SLATHERlotions and my interview with Chelsea!


Me: What was your first job out of college?

Chelsea: A Candle Chemist working in product research & development for a local-based company, Gold Canyon. It was a lot of fun and that’s where I was introduced to the world of fragrance and learned what makes up scents, how they evoke emotions, appeal to people, etc.

Me: The company you worked for decided to move their operations to the east coast. How did you decide to start your own business at this point?

Chelsea: I had the opportunity to keep my job and move with the company, but I didn’t want to move away from my family and home. I loved being a Skincare Chemist, but sometimes the products I developed (based on marketing direction) weren’t products I would normally use. So, I used it as an opportunity to start my own company…where all the products I make are ones I use, love, and want to share with others.

organic skincare

Me: What’s a typical day like for you?

Chelsea: Wake up, do yoga, walk the dogs, and go through emails while I eat breakfast. Then, if it is a market/show day, I bottle and label products I need for that day and pack it all up. If it’s not a show day, I have more flexibility and can run errands, batch products I am running low on, research new products and ingredients, and do ingredient inventory and ordering as needed. And I always try to keep social media, online marketplaces I have a shop on, and the website updated as much as I can.

Me: What is your biggest challenge in owning your own business?

Chelsea: Trusting my instincts and not getting swayed by what other companies are doing and fancy marketing offers. It’s hard to know exactly what you “should” do when the sky is the limit, but I like to trust my gut and go with what feels right. Also, I am a scientist…I didn’t go to school for marketing, web design, finance, or accounting. But, because I am a one-woman show, I have had to learn how to do all those things (and more)!

Me: What advice would you have for someone struggling to find a career they are passionate about?

Chelsea: Try to focus on what makes you the happiest. Too often people focus on money first. Instead, think of what you would want to do if money weren’t a factor…then figure out how to do that and make a living.

organic skincare

Me: Where can we find your products?

Chelsea: Online at http://www.slatherlotions.com. Or, if you live in or visit Arizona, I list the local farmers markets & boutiques I attend under the “Events” tab (Erica’s note: Chelsea will be at Phoenix Flea this Saturday, March 7th). There are also links to online marketplaces I have a shop on, like Etsy & Scott’s Marketplace. If you have skin allergies, sensitivities, love or dislike particular ingredients, or just haven’t found the perfect skincare products for your skin…contact me about a custom product made especially for you. Custom formulations are really my passion!  You can check out some I have done on the website.

Me: What is the number one item you’d recommend from your line?

Chelsea: EYE Cream–it’s my best-seller and personal fave. All plant-based, no Botox-y like chemicals, and works. Really light and silky…it sinks into your skin to help smooth, de-puff, and soften fine lines by stimulating your own collagen for tightening. Plus, the caffeine in Green Tea helps with dark circles. And it smells nice too.

Me: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Chelsea: You are your brand. Always stay true to yourself and your brand above everything else.


Chelsea, thanks so much for kicking off this series!

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  1. Emily wrote:

    So excited, I just ordered eye cream and a few lotions! I can’t wait to try; thanks for sharing!

    Published 3.6.15
    • Yay, let me know how you like them!

      Published 3.6.15
    • Chelsea, SLATHERlotions wrote:

      Hope you are loving the products! Thank you!

      Published 4.17.15