Sybil is 4!

Sybil is 4

Yesterday we celebrated our sweet Sybil’s 4th birthday! As has become tradition, I write a letter to Lawson and Sybil on their birthday each year. Below is Sybil’s letter. At the end, you’ll find a short Q&A I did with her. 

To my little Lady Sybil,

Happy birthday, sweetpea! I might say this every year until the end of time, but I can’t believe you are 4. You were just a baby sleeping (or screaming) in my arms. 

In the past year, you’ve grown so much. You are more independent than ever, yet still attached to your family. 

You started preschool where you were the biggest teacher’s helper. It’s been almost 6 months since you saw most of them, but you still talk about your classmates. 

You love to lay on the floor and play with your cars. Making up stories about the cars and the people inside of them. 

You love to dance and make up silly songs. Recently one of your favorite things is to make a statement and then say “get it…hee hee hee” It makes me laugh every time. 

One thing that hasn’t changed in the past year is your love of cuddling. I’m not sure how it’s possible because you’ve grown 3 inches, but you still fit perfectly in my lap. I’m certain you would sleep with me every night if I let you. It seems you show up at my bedside at least once a week in the middle of the night to tell me you can’t sleep and want to hold my hand. 

I never knew how much you and Lawson would grow closer this year. You truly are each other’s best friend and near constant companion. On the rare occasion one of you goes somewhere without the other, you have to get in a goodbye hug and kiss. Of course you also drive each other crazy. 

You have a sensitive soul and feel every emotion deeply. Sometimes this means huge smiles and other times it means lots of tears.

While you love shopping online for new clothes, you are particular about the way they feel. And you definitely do not like your carseat. 

You give the best great big hugs that we have to get so close we smush our faces together and the sweetest kisses. 

Sybil, I feel so lucky to be your mommy. I love you, always and forever, no matter what.

An Interview with Sybil

  1. Nicknames: Sybie, sweetpea, sweetie, munchkin
  2. Favorite song? Sybil’s special song (a song I made using a word to describe her for each letter in her name)
  3. Favorite doll? My dollhouse
  4. Favorite color? Pink and green
  5. Favorite food? Noodles
  6. Favorite ice cream? Chocolate
  7. Favorite book? Ooko
  8. Favorite TV show? Supermonsters
  9. Favorite toy? My bus
  10. Favorite fruit? Peaches
  11. Favorite vegetable? Carrots
  12. Best friend? Mommy and Lawson
  13. What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut
  14. What are you most excited about turning 4? That I can go on the monkey bars.

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