Wardrobe Essentials: Maternity Basics

maternity basics

Happy Tuesday (and happy 36 weeks to me)! Today I wanted to share some of the maternity basics I’ve worn throughout this pregnancy. I’ve splurged in a couple of areas and have saved in others, which I’m really proud of!


bottoms: Invest in maternity jeans early! I don’t know anyone that regrets buying a pair of maternity jeans. I waited too long – I didn’t want to spend so much money when something could still go wrong with my pregnancy. I wish I would have bought them sooner. Earlier in my pregnancy, I loved the below the belly denim. They felt more “normal” to me  As my belly expanded, the over the belly jeans became much more comfortable as they provided more support. I recommend a mix of both in a dark washdistressed, and black jeans. I borrowed or splurged on the dark wash and black jeans. For my distressed jeans, I bought a less expensive pair which I’ve found to stretch out much more. I wish I would have splurged on a pair of distressed jeans that would hold their shape better. A pair of leggings are also great when you just don’t want to wear jeans.

tops: You can create a lot of outfits with some basic long-sleeve, short-sleeve tees and tanks in a mix of crew and v-neck in black, grey and white. I bought all of mine at Gap on a 40% off promo. I’d also add graphic tee in a size larger than normal and my trusty chambray shirt to be worn over any of the tees or tanks.

shoes: The best trend to happen to pregnancy is the rise of the sneakers. They have seriously been a lifesaver. I’ve dressed them down with a tee (here) or up with a blazer (here). These booties have also saved my tootsies and can be worn with any of the pants or even the dresses. Lastly, I’ve been wearing my topsiders almost non-stop recently. They are the perfect amount of stretched out and can fit my slightly swelled feet.

dresses: Dresses are key to feeling your best. I haven’t worn any maternity dresses, but rather sized up in this tee dress. It’s perfect for showing off your little bump! I also had this tank dress for years. I wore it at the beginning of my pregnancy and am still wearing it at the end. It just gets a little shorter with each month that I grow.

other: New bras are almost as critical as maternity jeans. They were the first items I purchased. I’ve worn them every day since. I highly recommend going to a reputable store like Nordstrom to get fitted. You don’t want to skimp on supporting your growing breasts! The nursing bra is more of a post-labor item, but I bought it earlier and wear it to bed. It’s more comfortable than wearing an underwire bra. Because of my fibroid, I’m carrying really low in this pregnancy which puts a lot of strain on my back and nonexistent lower abs. The belly bandit support belt has been a huge help. I don’t wear it all day, but will put it on when I need some relief. You can also wear it post-pregnancy to coax your stomach back to its pre-pregnancy shape.



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