Weekend Roundup



Happy Friday! Don’t you love a short work week? After being out of town last weekend, this one will be spent catching up on errands and stuff around the house. I’ll make time to mix in some fun stuff too though!


This weekend I am…

  • celebrating, or maybe I should say commemorating, my last day of work. Although I’m sad to leave the people I work with on a daily basis, and a little scared about what the future holds, I’m excited to find out. It’s been 18 years since I’ve had a summer break!
  • brunching at Matt’s Big Breakfast (the best pancakes I’ve ever had!)
  • visiting the Hollywood Costume and Hollywood Red Carpet exhibits at the Phoenix Art Museum
  • trying out the white nail polish trend with Essie Blanc
  • getting acquainted with my new camera. I upgraded to a Canon Rebel T5i and a Tamron lens. So far I’ve turned it on and taken one photo. I may actually read the owner’s manual for this one!


Happy weekend to all!


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