Weekend Roundup: No. 169



Aww, Friday you might be my favorite day of the week even before I started our LA tradition of going out for treats every Friday. My patience was lower than I’d like this week with two sick and teething kids. But we ended Thursday on a good note so here’s hoping the vibes continue into the weekend.


Jim finished his first term of graduate school on Wednesday (4 more to go!) and promptly left for a 10-day trip to Asia late that night. Luckily for me my mom arrived yesterday to hang and help out while he’s gone. We’re planning to show her our favorite spots the coming days – the bookstore, Grove lawn, park and a few others. As for me, I would love to run a couple of times and may hit up a sample sale in Santa Monica on Saturday morning.


I posted a short video on Instagram Stories this week of Lawson and Sybil holding hands walking down our hall. The first part, which I missed recording, when he held out his hand for hers and she took it was enough to melt my heart. They walked around holding hands for the next 15 minutes. Sometimes they are extremely frustrating and then in the next moment they melt my heart.



You know when there’s something on your to do list forever and you finally cross it off? It feels so good! I migrated my newsletter to a new platform this weekend. Now you can sign up to be notified of new posts, weekly roundups and more. I only wish I’d done it sooner. And if you want to sign up, head right this way!



The mass shooting in Vegas, shooting scare at USC that turned out to be a false alarm and helplessness I initially felt was certainly a low point of the week. The state of our country has left me feeling overwhelmed and defeated. I want to live in my own little bubble, which is definitely not what is needed.



Earlier this week Julia posted about emotional labor. I had never heard the term, but found myself saying yes out loud several times when reading her post. The post, and article she references in it, are definitely worth a read. I’ve thought about it several times, especially how my role as a stay at home parent influences the amount of household management that falls to me.



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