Weekend Roundup: No. 180


Happy Saturday! I had every intention of posting yesterday, but then the week got away from me. We started off the weekend with a lunar new year dinner last night. We don’t have many plans the rest of the weekend other than a trip to the bookstore that I promised Lawson and watching the Olympics!

Today marks day 13 of Whole30. Almost halfway there! This week felt easier. I still crave a chocolate croissant or slice of pizza, but it almost feels like a lifestyle change.

On Thursday someone told me I looked nice. It was such a little thing, a quick comment, but I cannot tell you how much it made a difference in my day. I used to joke that I loved going to the mall because someone always complimented me on an article of clothing, necklace, etc. Ever since I had Lawson, all of those compliments have turned to the kids. I get it, they are really cute, but it was so nice to feel like someone actually saw me. Does that make any sense?



One of my favorite parts of living in LA is being near the Grove (an outdoor shopping and entertainment area). They have a kids club on Thursday mornings and this week was a family folk band. Lawson sat and watched for 40 minutes straight. 40 minutes! Sybil sat in my lap and eventually fell asleep mid-concert. The sun was shining. I was smiling and singing along. My heart was happy.


The latest mass shooting. It feels like I just wrote this post after the Las Vegas shooting. Why does this keep happening? I financially support Everytown and vote for leaders that focus on common sense gun laws. I thought this article about how to reduce shootings had some great information in it.


I made this baked garlic chicken and potatoes and it was delicious. I left it in for 50 minutes. It’s really easy to throw together. Bonus points since it’s Whole30 compliant!

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