Weekend Roundup: No. 189

Weekend at Como Park

The fact that spring has finally arrived. Cinco de Mayo. The Kentucky Derby. New jeans. What do they have in common? All reasons to celebrate this weekend!

Jim is coming for a 48 hour visit before he heads off to China and Germany for a school trip. Lawson and Sybil are going to be SO excited to see him. Saturday afternoon we’re going to cheer on my brother in a crossfit competition. And Sunday is for relaxing.

This week we went to Como Park Zoo and spent most of every day outside. The drive to the zoo was a bit of a lesson in patience, but once we got there we all had fun (more in my high point below). I’ve done 2 of 3 resistance sessions and 1 of 3 cardio sessions for week 2 of BBG. I’m still sore and need to start eating better if I’m going to get the full benefit of working out.

I finished reading Surprise Me early this week and started on Crazy Rich Asians but I’m having a hard time getting into it. A full review of my recent reading list is coming to the blog on Monday!

I hope you have plans to spend the weekend outside enjoying the sunshine with margarita in hand!


Our trip to Como Zoo and Conservatory was the highlight of my week. The Sunken Garden is one of my favorite places. It’s beautiful, bright and peaceful.


I was shorter on patience than I’d like to be this week. I’m not even sure why I lost it a couple of times, but I did.


I saw this floral shirt and these sandals on Instagram this week and immediately added them to my wish list. You can find these and more in my spring wish list shop!


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