Weekend Roundup: No. 191

Weekend at Cov Edina

It’s our last weekend in Minnesota and we’re planning to make the most of it. Bake cinnamon rolls (we’re making these), hang a gallery wall, help my brother with his packing list for Switzerland and Italy (I’m jealous!), set up a website for my dad’s photography business, run and drink some wine. Sounds like a solid weekend, right??

Since I haven’t been feeling my best, I took this week off from BBG. I’ve still been running 2-3x, but will resume BBG with week 4 on Monday.

I had dinner with a friend last night at Cov. The lobster guacamole and truffle fries were delicious! Meanwhile Lawson hung out with my brother and had a night full of pizza, ice cream and LEGOS. I’m not sure which one of us had more fun.

Lawson and I had almost two hours driving in the car yesterday. It was possibly my favorite drive with him. We talked about all sorts of stuff, he sang me songs. Three is the best age!

We spent most of our days outside this week. Lawson is the best helper – watering the garden, raking leaves, feeding the dog. Lawson and Sybil would be outside all day if they could. A backyard is definitely on our wish list for our next place.


In between not feeling our best, Sybil and I had some sweet and fun moments together this week. Since we’ve been in Minnesota, she seems to have grown up so much. Sybil is silly and sweet. She’s happier and more independent.


At this point I definitely sound like a broken record. One of us has been sick for the past two months. After battling a high fever last week, Sybil got a cold complete with a runny nose and cough. I finally caught the cold too and have spring allergies on top of it. We’re all ready to feel better!


I can’t get enough of the Cat & Jack line at Target. This short and top set would be perfect for Sybil this upcoming holiday weekend!

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