Weekend Roundup: No. 204


Sybil got her first haircut this week! It took maybe 7 minutes start to finish, but she did great. She was so proud of herself and all of a sudden looks like a little girl.

If you’re a fan of Mumford & Sons (hi, dad!), they have a new album coming out in November. They released a single from the album this week and it is good. The US concert tour dates will be announced on October 4th. There’s no way I’m missing it!

My love of our local library continues. I picked up True Roots this week and scored Little Fires Everywhere. I hadn’t even requested it, I just got lucky that it happened to be on the shelf. Yay for me!

I’m always interested in getting a glimpse into other relationships. I enjoyed Emily’s post on the 10 life promises her and her husband made 12 years ago and how they’ve held up or failed.

There are some really great sales this weekend, including the Shopbop fall event and Tuckernuck friends and family sale. I’ve raved about the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots. They’re still a total splurge but IMO are worth it (on sale for $490, see if Nordstrom will price match). I’m stocking up on sweaters now that we live somewhere that actually has four seasons. While browsing Tuckernuck, I came across this crewneck sweater and am tempted to go outside my comfort zone with the green (paired with black jeans and the above mentioned boots).

Jim’s mom is visiting this weekend. We’re planning on showing her our day to day spots and throwing in a movie night on Saturday.


There were a few contenders this week, but one stands out. Sybil has started snuggling up to me, touching my arm and saying “I love you, mommy.” Melts my heart every time.


This cold I’ve had all week. It started with a sore throat, then moved onto full-on congestion. I feel like I’ve blown my nose 100x. I am over it.


Earlier this week I found a dupe of the pashmina wrap shawls I bought by the dozen in Chinatown. They are perfect for plane rides, to wear over a dress or as a regular old scarf. At $11 and with 45 different colors, it’s too good to pass up! P.S. These will always remind me of my aunts and cousins. After a trip to New York together, it was guaranteed at least two of us would show up to a family gathering wearing one.


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