Weekend Roundup: No. 217


Happy Friday! This week was a blur and I have no idea why.

Last Friday I was outside in a tank top reading a book in the sunshine. This week has been so cold. I know I shouldn’t wish my way to the next season, but goodness I’m ready for spring. I have so many shoes I want to wear (namely these and these)!

After seeing it on everyone’s posts, we started watching Schitt’s Creek. While it doesn’t live up to the funniest comedies of all time (Friends, The Office, Seinfeld, Happy Endings), we’ve managed to happily binge our way through the first two seasons.

I absolutely love Lake Pajamas. They are a worthwhile splurge with certain styles on sale for up to 50% off! I got these for my birthday last year and have my eye on this short/long set. A quick note on sizing/care – I hang mine to dry or they tend to shrink in length.

I’m on week 3 of BBG Beginner. Wowza, I am sore. The jury is still out if it’s the good sore that means you’re getting stronger or just a sore sore. I both look forward to and dread my workouts.

I finished reading Becoming this week and immediately started Educated. Becoming lived up to the hype and reviews. I’m only a few pages into Educated, but am looking forward to it since it topped so many best of 2018 book lists.

While I wouldn’t call my last attempt at a mini-Whole30 a failure, it didn’t bring the lasting healthy habits I had hoped. I grabbed Chick-fil-A for lunch on Wednesday. My stomach still aches two days later. #neveragain

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow night Lawson’s preschool is having their big fundraiser, a Mardi Gras themed ball. Jim and I are getting dressed up and leaving the kiddos with a babysitter. It will be the first time a non-family member has put them to bed. Maybe they will still be up when we get home!

On Sunday, we have a birthday party for Lawson’s classmate. I have no idea how much to spend on a preschool birthday party. It’s a Frozen theme so we went with these paint sticks that Lawson loves and a box of Frozen bandaids because what 4 year old doesn’t like bandaids?!

I had no idea until I read an email this morning, but apparently the Oscars are on Sunday? I haven’t seen a single nominated film. Not crossing that one off my 101 in 1001 list.


I was contacted by an author with an invitation to promote her upcoming book release this spring. It’s the last book in a series that I have loved reading. The “perks” of blogging are few and far between so I was especially excited to see her email pop up!


Ugh, why is my overall mood tied so strong to Lawson and Sybil’s sleep schedule? After a week of easy bedtime routines and sleeping through the night until 7am, we’re back to difficult bedtimes and early wakeup calls. I need my sleep!


I came across the cutest striped shirts for mama and minis, The Striped Sheep. I’m going to get matching or coordinating shirts for Lawson and Sybil’s easter baskets. And one for me, of course!

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