Weekend Roundup: No. 218


Hello, hello. While the snow from last weekend melted, more is on the way. I’m ready for spring, but I still love to wake up to fresh snow.

In the blink of an eye, we’re already into March. I knew we were about to turn the calendar to another month, but it was shocking to wake up this morning and realize it happened overnight.

I may need to start a section below called “Read of the Week”. I’ve been lucky at the library recently and found the new Sophie Kinsella book, I Owe You One, on the shelves this week. I’m still reading Educated (so far, so good) and also picked up The Royal Runaway after being on the wait list. Time to step up my bedtime reading!

This week a close second to the high point below is an excursion to visit Jim at his office. We met his coworkers and went out to lunch. The kiddos were so excited to see him in the middle of a workday!

I was doing a little window shopping online and came across this Madewell crossbody with a detachable rainbow strap. It would be perfect for spring.

Tonight Jim leaves for a work trip. Don’t cry for me though, my parents arrive tomorrow for a weeklong visit. We’re filling our calendar with our day to day activities, as well as some extra fun spots (cue a visit to Sweet Cow!)

I am really excited to see my parents. Lawson and Sybil will be in kindergarten before you know it and these visits won’t be as easy to coordinate. We’re always open for family and friends to visit!


A friend was in town for work. She came over to hang with the kiddos for a bit and then we went out to dinner at a cute, tasty restaurant nearby. It was wonderful to see her and catch up. While I really like Denver, I miss my girlfriends like crazy.


Nothing to report this week, folks!


When two of my best girlfriends mentioned their Rothy’s recently, I listened. They both raved about how comfortable they are and great for traveling. I’m drawn to the pointy shoes, especially the leopard pair. And you can’t go wrong with basic black.

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