Weekend Roundup: No. 219


Happy Friday! After a week away, our luv comes home this afternoon. We cannot wait!

This week was mostly filled with our normal activities, but we did manage a fun lunch and a special breakfast with Sybil and my parents.

Sybil has had a tough week. She’s regressed into screaming if I don’t lay down with her at naps and bedtime. Hence my lack of posts this week. It seems she might be turning the corner. Fingers crossed because I am a much happier person when she’s happier!

Tomorrow we may hit up a brewery for lunch and test drive a few cars. We sold Jim’s car before we left LA and are finally ready to replace it. On Saturday night, we’re taking advantage of grandparents to babysit and trying a restaurant that’s been on my wish list. My parents leave early on Sunday. The rest of the day will be a mix of errands and cleaning to prep for the week.

Have a great weekend friends!


I ran two days in a row! I wasn’t fast and didn’t go far, but it still felt great.


Well, there was the night Sybil didn’t fall asleep until 10pm. That’s approximately 30 minutes after my bedtime.


Like most everyone this time of year, I’m tired of wearing the same sweaters over and over. Instead of rushing to purchase spring clothes that I won’t wear for weeks, I have my eye on this leopard scarf to add dimension to my everyday outfit.


I finished the latest from Sophie Kinsella, You Owe Me One. It was a quick, enjoyable read. Next up is The Royal Runaway before I switch genres to WWII.

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