Weekend Roundup: No. 230

Weekend at Como Park

Hello from Minnesota! We’re here for a few more days and then it’s back to Denver. The weather has been great for our visit, although I could do without the mosquitos.

This week has been a good mix of activities and hanging out. Lawson went fishing for the first time and caught quite a few fish. On Wednesday we went to Como Park. The Sunken Gardens is one of my favorite places. We got there at the right time and had it all to ourselves for five minutes. It was as relaxing as it can be watching two toddlers so they don’t fall in.

On the flip side, Lawson dumped a bucket of dirty water over Sybil’s head yesterday. Parenthood is truly a series of highs and lows.

This weekend my brother is bringing us chocolate croissants on Saturday morning and staying for the rest of the weekend. It will be a full house! I’m working on getting a life jacket for Sybil since she’s been dying to go fishing after Lawson did last week. She promises she won’t drop her fishing rod in the lake like he did. Ha!

Lawson had two of these henley shirts that he wore every week last fall/winter/spring. They are on sale for less than $12 so I ordered the navy and green in the next size for this winter. I also want to get him this Old Navy puffer vest when there is a good sale. He wore last year’s version all the time.

I’m struggling to think of good gift ideas for Sybil’s birthday later this month. Any suggestions for a 3 year old??!


I’m utilizing my free, in-house babysitters and have gone for a run 5x in the past 6 days. I made an appointment for a second opinion about getting my fibroid removed and set a date to get braces put on to fix my bottom teeth. Crossing things off my to do list!


Lawson and Sybil are thick in the midst of sibling rivalry. They are constantly fighting, taking each other’s toys/crayons/books, and generally making each other miserable.


The Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends on Sunday. My go to Natori Feathers bra is on sale in 5 different colors.


I finished Park Avenue Summer before I came to Minnesota. I didn’t bring anything else with me so I’m on a reading break.

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