Weekend Roundup: No. 233

hotel del coronado

Happy Sunday! We’re home from a few days at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. We were there celebrating the end of summer and my birthday. 

To start the week, we camped at Rocky Mountain National Park for two nights. It was our first two night trip with Lawson and Sybil. They were delirious with exhaustion but did great. A highlight of the trip was Lawson seeing his first shooting star. A lowlight was Lawson hitting his other front tooth. Fingers (and everything else) crossed it wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure either of us can go through another tooth pulling experience. 

In San Diego we had lots of beach and pool time. Lawson and Sybil loved it! Lawson was especially a fish in the pool. It’s the first time he’s been comfortable wearing googles and putting his head fully underwater. 

Sybil had a big Friday when she mailed her last pacifier to her younger cousin. Well, I had to pry it out of her hands to put it in the envelope but she’s hardly asked for it since. We bought her a little stuffed elephant to sleep with instead of her pacifier which has seemed to help. She’ll motion for her pacifier, but ask for her elephant. She hasn’t napped this trip which has resulted in an overtired and quite cranky little girl. Hoping that changes when she’s back in her own crib. 

We’re home from San Diego just in time to celebrate Sybil’s 3rd birthday. I plan on making the very vanilla cake from the Simple Cake cookbook and filling it with funfetti sprinkles. 

Then next week we have preschool and Pre-K orientations and their first days of school. Sybil didn’t make it off the waitlist for MWF (which is when Lawson will be going) so we’ll be heading to school every day. I still hope she gets into MWF sooner than later, but plan to relish the one on one time with each of them until then. 

Last Friday Jim and I went to the Mumford & Sons concert. It was my highlight of 2019. I sang and danced every single song for 2 hours. And not the gently swaying kind of dancing. The jump up and down singing at the top of your lungs kind of dancing. It felt amazing. 

The concert was the perfect mix of their earlier music that reminds me of the early days of our relationship and their more recent album that I’ve listened to a 100x running through the open spaces of Colorado with views of the mountains in the distance. It was the perfect night with my luv.

I immediately made a playlist of the concert setlist so I can relive the night over and over. I can be frugal about spending money on certain things, but I would have paid 3x what we did to see Mumford & Sons (Adele is also on this list). 

You guys, remember the #amazonnightgown I shared last week? It’s gone viral in the past few days with articles in the online versions of Glamour, Daily Mail, Elle and Good Housekeeping. The best part is the photo Lawson took of me is in a couple of them!! I keep joking I should have given him photo credit. He’s a semi-professional photographer now, ha! 

And the dress really is that good. It’s all I wanted to wear in San Diego. It’s perfect for a vacation!


All of the special time with my luvs. 


A few weeks ago my Apple Watch screen cracked a bit. Well this week the crack expanded and a larger part of the screen came off. Bummer. 


One of my favorite shirts of the summer, an eyelet flutter-sleeve tee, is on sale.


Sybil came through with two books for my birthday. I read The Unhoneymooners on our trip and have The Hating Game waiting for me at home. 

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