Weekend Roundup: No. 239


Ahh, Friday, it’s good to see you again. This week was a short school week and also brought our first snow of the season. It feels like we skipped over fall!

After debating a pair of Chelsea boots for months, I finally purchased them with some birthday money. The shipment arrived on Wednesday, but they were the wrong color (brown instead of black). As Lawson would say, BUMMER! 

A close second high point for the week was seeing my favorite kombucha, HealthAde Holiday Cheers, at the store. While I’m generally opposed to holiday decorations before Christmas, I am 100% okay with Holiday Cheers on the shelves in mid-October. Someone on Instagram asked me what it tastes like. It has ginger, vanilla, cocoa and allspice which give it a spiciness that I haven’t found in other kombucha flavors. 

I teared up reading 11 Reader Comments on Kindness on Cup of Jo. If you need a pick me up, I recommend reading both the post and comments.  

Next week I’m shooting some fall outfits with a photographer. Since I’m having surgery in a couple of weeks, it will probably be my last one for the year. Sybil will be at preschool, but Lawson is coming with me. He’s such a fun buddy to do stuff with and I think he’s going to have fun with it too. 

We’re kicking off the weekend with a toddler and me yoga class this morning. It’s been on my list to do with Lawson and Sybil for months so I’m pretty excited. We like to do yoga together and I hope they enjoy the class! We’re going to The Mama’Hood in downtown Denver. My plan is to take them out to lunch somewhere special afterwards. 

Tomorrow Lawson has soccer in the afternoon and then we’re going to Fort Collins to see friends on Sunday. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a good fall weekend!


Recently Lawson has started telling me I’m his best friend. Cue my heart melting. 


It isn’t necessarily a low point, but my surgery is in two weeks and it’s on my mind a lot. I will be relieved once it’s over. 


It’s not all about me around here…Sybil is really into wearing dresses. I found this black and white dress at Target, which she immediately wore the next day. Best $9 I spent all week.


I’m over my reading slump! I finished When We Left Cuba this week and started American Royals. 

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