Weekend Roundup: No. 240


The snow is all gone from last week’s storm! The weather has returned to beautiful fall temperatures.

This week has been a busy one. I shot outfit photos on Tuesday, had two pre-op appointments and an orthodontist appointment to adjust my braces (1 month down, 5 to go!). 

This weekend we have Lawson’s last soccer game of the fall season and need to clean the bathrooms and kitchen. On Sunday I’m rewarding myself with a pedicure. 

I have lists upon lists as I get ready for surgery next Friday. Hospital bag, food and grocery lists, weekly schedule. My parents arrive on Wednesday to help out while I’m in the hospital. My mom will be staying with us for a month or so while I recover, although my dad is convinced I’m going to bounce back quicker and she’ll be home earlier. I’ve got news for him – I’m taking the doctors order not to lift anything over 10 pounds for 6 weeks very seriously. 

I’ve been intentionally vague about my surgery. I guess I’m superstitious and didn’t want to lay it all out there until the surgery is over and I’m on the road to recovery, but that seems a little silly. In case you’re curious, I made the decision to have a partial hysterectomy. I’m anxious about surgery, but confident in my decision. I promise to do a full post with my decision making process and experience.

I also realize I’ve been writing about it here and there for what seems like months. It’s on my mind a lot. This blog has always been a reflection of what’s going on in my life at any given time. And right now, surgery is it.

Schitt’s Creek is one of my all-time favorite TV series. We noticed this week that season 5 is now out on Netflix. Yay! I’m saving it for recovery, but it’s hard to wait. If you haven’t watched it yet, do it now. Season 1 starts out a little slow, but you’ll fall in love with David quickly!

I’m in the midst of holiday gift guide brainstorming. I’m keeping it simple this year with 5 guides: holiday books for kids, books for all, kids, $50 and under, and splurge items (aka my personal wish list). I’ll also try to share some one-off gift ideas on my Facebook page. This is the first year I’ve done any shopping before Black Friday. I have to say it feels good to get a jump on it. 

Are the brands you shop now offering Afterpay? I’ve seen it at several, including most recently at Madewell. I haven’t researched it, but buying something you can’t pay for immediately seems like a not so great idea. I’m honestly shocked at how many retailers I’ve seen offer it as a payment option.


Lawson and I got a few photos together during my outfit shoot on Tuesday. I can’t wait to see them. Pictures with Lawson and Sybil are among my most treasured possessions.


Sybil came home from preschool yesterday with orange paint all over her leopard dress. Her teachers said it happened after school pictures so there’s that. Luckily I washed it right away and it came out, which turned this low point into an (almost) high.


I made Half Baked Harvest’s 30 minute Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen this week and was reminded why it was a go to last winter. It’s quick and tasty. 


I’m still reading and loving American Royals. Next on my nightstand is Save Me the Plums, which is getting rave reviews.

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