Weekend Roundup: No. 249

Holiday Family Photos

We got our family holiday photos back this week. I love them! I debated doing them this year. It can be stressful. What will we wear? Will Sybil actually wear the outfit I pick out for her? Will the kiddos have fun or melt down? 

It’s all worth it. I will cherish these photos forever. If you’re thinking about it, do it! Our session was 30 minutes at an indoor studio. It was perfect. 

In other news, this was my first full week since surgery without my Mom or Jim around to help. No major hiccups other than Sybil refusing to go to preschool on Tuesday. Since I still couldn’t lift her, her teacher needed to carry her into the classroom.

For the past couple of weeks, Sybil has had a hard time at preschool drop-off. She cries all morning when she realizes it’s her school day. When she finally gets into the classroom, she’s screaming and the teacher has to take her from me. They always send me a photo when she calms down, which is less than 5 minutes, but still. It breaks my heart. I walk out of the room with tears in my eyes. 

I realize it’s a phase (Lawson went through a similar situation last year, although never this bad), so we’re sticking with the routine. I’m adding in extra hugs and kisses in the morning. Last year I started drawing a little heart on their wrist, along with a notecard with my phone number for their pocket so they could easily contact me if they needed to, to ease Lawson’s preschool transition and anytime a babysitter would come. That seems to help Sybil during this period too.

Today is my 6 week post-surgery checkup. Fingers crossed I’ll be cleared for all activities. I purchased a barre3 online subscription during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and am excited to start it. My goal is going to be 3 days a week.

For the first year in forever, I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. I have a few stocking stuffers to get for Jim and the kids, but that’s it. I have never been so far along at this point in the month. It feels nice. Now I can spend the next 3 weeks wrapping gifts, mailing to those we aren’t spending the holiday with, baking cookies and addressing holiday cards.


We got our Christmas tree last weekend. There’s something about turning the lights on and listening to Christmas music that puts me in a festive mood.


Other than Sybil’s hard time at preschool drop-off, I’ve got no complaints about the week.


Have you heard of Things I Bought and Liked (TIBAL for those in the know)? The Instagram account is anonymous. She doesn’t accept any free items or sponsorships. Just shares the things she buys and loves. She’s basically like my account, but with an extra 248k followers. Ha!


I finished Get a Life, Chloe Brown and started Twice in a Blue Moon. Hoping to finish it this weekend and mail it off to a friend. Also, I’m officially putting Modern Love on my Christmas wish list. I’ve seen a few rave reviews of it recently.

photo by rae scott photography

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