Weekend Roundup: No. 263


How are you doing? As I write, I’m staring out the window at a cold, drizzling, cloudy sky. April showers bring May flowers, right?

This week wasn’t our best. I wasn’t as patient of a mother as I aspire to be. The kiddos didn’t get enough sleep and were antsy. Everything was getting on my nerves. I feel like I’m just churning out food, washing dishes and picking up the house. 

On Wednesday Jim saved the day by moving some meetings around to get us out of the house for two hours. It didn’t magically turn my mood around, but it helped immensely. 

We are down to our last box of tissues, which has me much more stressed than it should. Of course you can’t order them anywhere. I’d really like 10+ cubes of Puffs Plus with Lotion. I knew I was a tissue snob before, but this confirms it. Luckily we still have plenty of toilet paper. 

My cousin is having a baby and I was looking at their registry last night. Oh my gosh, it was such fun to see all those newborn essentials.

Next week we will celebrate Lawson and Jim’s birthdays and then the Easter bunny’s appearance. I am trying to make their birthdays as special as possible given the circumstances.

Stay safe, friends. And stay home if at all possible. 


Throwing any schedule out the window yesterday and letting the kiddos wear pajamas as long as they wanted. They played so nicely together. I tried to just stay out of their way. Eventually Sybil put on her lemon leggings that made me smile every time I saw them. Then I turned on the TV and took a nap.


Anxiety about the coming weeks and how bad the pandemic is going to be.


Everything at Everlane is 25% off through Friday, including my go to cashmere sweaters (I wear the black and heather grey every week in the fall and winter). This market tote is a favorite of Meghan Markle. Oh, and the black Madewell jeans I’ve worn all winter are $75, which is over $50 off. 


I finished Anna K last night. I was into it for the first half and then found the rest of the book dragged. Concentrating on reading is hard for me right now so I’m trying to keep it light. 

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