Weekend Roundup: No. 279

Chappywrap Blanket

I have a new appreciation for weekends now that Lawson has started school. I am ready for a break from my role as teacher! I have such an appreciation for teachers in normal circumstances, much less trying to teach kindergarten remotely. 

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been the best experience. I’m trying to stay positive, especially since I know everyone is trying their hardest. As someone said to me, the first week of kindergarten is challenging even in the best of times. Day 3 was much better than the first two so maybe we’re on an upswing?

I have not had my usual time to read, workout or really do much of anything other than help Lawson through the school day while also playing with Sybil. I haven’t been for a run in two weeks and I miss it. I’m vowing to get back to it this weekend.

There are limited sizes left, but these skinny crop jeans are now $21. I think they’re really comfortable. They are a little risky as they are final sale, but ran true to size for me. 

I was searching for some good LDW sales to tell you guys about. Other than the usual J. Crew/Gap/BR 40% off promos, I didn’t come across much which is pretty surprising.

The Chappywrap blanket that Lawson/Jim gave me for my birthday is 20% off with code GRACE (expires Friday night). I use it every night and truly love it.  

Is it too early to start thinking about 2021? The planner I have used for 4 years launched their 2021 versions this week. I went with the Daily Simplified Planner in Gold Bee.

This weekend we don’t have any plans. Jim and I were just talking that we need a house project for the weekend. I’m planning to start a round of Whole30 next week and will spend a little time prepping for it. 


Even though it’s been bumpy, the highlight of our week has certainly been Lawson starting kindergarten.


We started the week off on a rough note. Sybil was up from midnight to 3am on Sunday night/Monday morning throwing up. I was tired all week. I have such a hard time catching up on sleep at this point in my life and definitely can’t function as well as I used to.

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