Weekend Roundup: No. 288

Is this still 2020?! Or are we somehow just finishing up our first full week of 2021? It’s hard to tell these days. 

I took almost a full month off of blogging in December. I didn’t intentionally plan on it, but about a week in I decided it was best. We had some challenging days in November and December and my patience as a mother was constantly tested. 

Sybil has a very hard time being in her carseat and resisted wearing most clothing so getting out of the house was basically nonexistent. There were sleepless nights thrown in and all the stress of the holiday season. So I decided to focus on my family for the month and put this hobby of mine aside. 

I also took the time to get a few things done that had been on my personal to do list for months. The first was selling my almost 12-year old Audi. I bought it long before I had kids (in fact I was married at the time). It represented a different phase of my life. While it was bittersweet to say goodbye to that car, it also cost me a lot of money in repairs the past two years and I wasn’t willing to put another dollar into it. We’re going to stick with one car for now, although we do want another SUV for camping, driving into the mountains, etc. and assume we’ll eventually need two vehicles. My shortlist includes the Honda Passport, Volvo XC 90, and Toyota Highlander Hybrid. My main requirements are good gas mileage and Apple CarPlay.

I resumed posting this week with a couple of recaps from 2020 – the books I read and some recent everyday outfits. I have another two posts recapping 2020 planned and then will transition into 2021. No need to rush it, right?

My parents and brother had planned to drive out from Minnesota to spend a week at Christmas together. We decided to postpone their visit until January so on Wednesday started a 10-day quarantine before their arrival. We really want to see each other and feel fortunate to be within driving distance of each other. It’s a long drive (13+ hours), but doable. While traveling isn’t without some risks, we’re doing everything we can to minimize them. You can bet that I put together a detailed list of quarantine guidelines!

This week we got back into our school from home routine even though I got off of my workout routine. Everything’s a balancing act. This weekend we don’t have any plans. There’s snow in the forecast tomorrow and since we’re in self-quarantine, we’ll be sticking close to home. 

Two quick sales from small businesses that I want to mention – $75 off jacket 08 from One Third and up to 50% off select bags at Clare V (this would make a cute beach bag).


The incredible work of Stacey Abrams and others to flip the two Senate seats in Georgia!


Along with millions of others, the low point of the week occurred on Wednesday in DC. It was a very sad day in our history (to put it gently).

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