Weekend Roundup: No. 294

Oh wow, remember when I was disappointed the snowstorm seemed like it was going to be a bust? That was definitely premature. We got over 2 feet of snow and it’s going to take weeks for it all to melt. 

This week we enjoyed a couple of snow days, Lawson and Sybil had checkups at the dentist, and there was more (slow) progress on the basement. 

Since my parents cut their January visit short because my mom got an appointment to get vaccinated, they are coming back out for spring break. Both my parents are now fully vaccinated, which is a great feeling. They drove a little over halfway yesterday, slept in the back of their truck, and are driving the rest of the way this morning. It’s 13+ hours so doable in one day, but it’s a lot.

Many resources have been shared online after the murders of 6 Asian women in Atlanta. One that I found particularly helpful is this on the 5 Ds of Bystander Intervention. 

One of my favorite podcast hosts, Becca Freeman, shared her apartment tour on Apartment Therapy this week. I have loved her custom bookshelves ever since she first shared them on Instagram and appreciate her mix of color. It’s completely different than the style of our house, but I love it!

In case you missed it, I shared a bunch of Easter basket ideas for kids. Easter is in two weeks and Lawson’s birthday is three weeks from today followed by Jim’s birthday two days later. It’s always a busy time of year for us!


Lawson is playing soccer this spring. He tried his uniform on this week and looks so old. As his 6th birthday approaches, I am feeling a wee bit emotional. I’m so very proud of him and grateful to be his mama.


No true low points this week, unless I count the 2+ hours Sybil and I have been up the last two nights. I do cherish the snuggles though!

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