World Wide Wednesday: No. 2

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Most companies I know have formal performance management processes with reviews at least once a year. What To Do When Your Boss Has Feedback has some great reminders for both receiving and giving feedback.


The Everygirl started a 30 day journaling challenge on April 1st. I’ve tried to journal in the past but started and stopped many times. I just couldn’t make it a habit. In January 2013, I started a one-a-day journal that I received as a gift. I loved it so much I gave them away to my girlfriends last fall (read more here). It is quick and easy and so much fun to look back on 2013. It’s not too late for you to start your own!


You’ve probably picked up on my love of BaubleBar by now. I was thrilled to see a collaboration between BaubleBar and Nordstrom launch last week. They have some great pieces. I wouldn’t mind this necklace or these bracelets finding their way into my jewelry box!


I wish I would have read this diet plan for runner’s when I was training for the marathon in January. Basic advice, which is sometimes the easiest to forget.


Manhattan Beach is one of my favorite beach cities in the LA area. I try to visit at least once each summer and make it a priority to hit up the beach for some sun, Manhattan Beach Creamery for a cold treat and Wahoo’s for fish tacos and a beer. I can’t wait to try some of the new to me spots in this article the next time I visit!


I blogged about The Roasted Everything Salad a couple of weeks ago in a Weekend Roundup post. It was even better than I thought it would be. It’s easy and healthy, a perfect combination! The apples added a sweetness and I could see throwing in sweet potatoes or asparagus in the summer. I even fit in a 3-mile run while it was roasting!


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