13 Clean Skincare Products Under $35


A couple of weeks ago I asked a few questions about clean beauty on Instagram. Thank you to everyone that answered, it was really helpful to hear from you!

One of the common comments was regarding the price of clean skin care and makeup products. I get it, buying cleaner products can be more expensive.

Slightly more of you were interested in clean skin care than makeup, so I thought I’d start there. If you like this roundup of clean skin care products under $35, then I promise to do a similar one with makeup!

You’ll notice only one mask on the list and no serums. Those products are typically more expensive because they are the most effective. You want a mask and serum to be a miracle worker (or as close to one as possible). They include more ingredients and you want the highest quality. I’m going to start a list of serums and masks that are on the less expensive end to share with you.

As a Beautycounter consultant, of course I’d love for you to use our products! But more important to me is that you make the shift to cleaner, safer products. It’s the reason I joined Beautycounter in the first place. So you’ll see a few Beautycounter products in this roundup, but a lot of other brands too.

13 Clean Skin Care Products

These 13 clean skin care products range from $12 to $35 (and one at $39, oops). They are free of harmful ingredients, which is worth a little more $$$ in my opinion. Many of these brands have generous return policies so if you try it and don’t like it, send it back! Beautycounter has 60-day free returns.


Starting with cleansers, I use the Kari Gran cleansing oil on a daily basis (you might remember seeing me rave about it here too) and it’s my personal favorite. If you have more acne prone skin, the Beautycounter charcoal bar is a great option. I use it a couple of times a week when I shower, typically after a longer run.

If you prefer a cream cleanser, the Beautycounter nourishing cream cleanser is a great option for a gentle daily cleanser. Lastly, I haven’t personally tried the Seaweed Bath Co. purifying gel cleanser, but it gets great reviews (and is available at Target because who doesn’t love Target?).


Toner is a great place to save money. I love a quick spritz of toner, but it’s also the first step I skip if I’m short on time (or money). One Love Organic was an early entrant to the clean beauty space and still one of the best. The Vitamin D moisture mist acts as part toner and part moisturizer. It’s like getting two products in one.

I’ve heard rave reviews about Indie Lee products, including the CoQ-10 toner. The Pixi glow tonic is one of the least expensive products on this list. Again, it gets great reviews and is available at Target, Ulta and Dermstore.


Grace first introduced me to Everyday Oil and I’ve been hooked ever since (you can also buy it on their site with free shipping). It is $22 and one of the best clean beauty buys. I use it on my face, hands, body, hair. Basically everywhere. One pump is all I need to moisturize my face.

We have the baby version of Weleda skin food. It’s a very rich moisturizing cream that Into the Gloss describes as a LaMer dupe (at about a 10th of price). If you are looking for a rich face or neck cream, I’d try this one.

The Beautycounter mini oil trio is a great way to try three different oils before committing to a larger purchase. I used to shy away from oils, but absolutely love them. I’ve used two of the three in this set and can’t decide on a favorite!


You’re probably sick of me raving about the Kari Gran lip whip (here and here), but it is seriously that good. I even tried the Beautycounter lip conditioner and went right back to my beloved Kari Gran.

The Countercontrol SOS acne spot treatment is one of Beautycounter’s newest products. Think of it as a clean version of that stuff you used as a teenager that turned your pillows white. (Anyone remember what that’s called? I can’t for the life of me!) If you’d like to try a free sample of Beautycounter’s acne line, Countercontrol, shoot me an email at erica@luvinthebubble.com or message me on Instagram and I’ll get one in the mail to you!

Herbivore blue clay mask is another great option for acne prone skin. Use it as a spot treatment or full mask.

I hope this post was helpful! Feel free to message me or leave a comment below if you have any questions. I’d love to help!


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