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2015 Oscar Fashion Trends

2015 oscar trends: black and white


Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday night? Black and white was one of the biggest fashion trends on the red carpet. I’ll admit I didn’t love Reese’s dress at first, but it really grew on me. She was smiling during every interview and truly seemed to be enjoying herself. Zoe Saldana changed into this black and white dress for the after party. She looks fabulous, especially since she had twins three months ago.


2015 oscar trend: neutrals


Blush was another big trend and Jennifer, Lupita and Zoe pulled it off best. Jennifer Aniston knows her style and rarely deviates from it. I admire her for it. Lupita gravitates toward bright colors, but I actually love this look on her. And Zoe again looks fabulous three months after having twins!


2015 oscar trends: shades of blue


Blue is one of my favorite colors and I love both of these shades. The high neckline on Gina’s dress isn’t my thing, but the color pops on her. The darker blue that Jessica wore looks fantastic with her red hair.


2015 oscar after-party mindy baling


As for basic black, I thought Mindy Kaling spiced it up with another big trend on the red carpet: the deep V. She looks sexy but tasteful and keeps it simple with minimal jewelry.


2015 Oscars: Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Hudson


Even I don’t mind a little color in my life. Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Hudson looked beautiful in coral and yellow. I actually thought Anna’s dress looked even better when she was onstage.


Did your favorite movies and actors win? I was pretty excited to see Eddie Redmayne take home the best actor award for his performance in The Theory of Everything. Birdman and Whiplash won a bunch of awards, including best picture. I haven’t seen either of them so can’t compare to the others. I thought the musical performances were a high point of the telecast. Jennifer Hudson, Rita Ora, Lady Gaga and certainly John Legend and Common gave moving performances. The rest of the show was okay, but nothing too special or memorable.


Were there any other fashion trends that jumped out at you?



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  1. Lupita Nyong’o looked absolutely amazing on the red carpet, only her could pull off that pearl dress so well. Zoe Saldana looked great too, I honestly can’t believe she just had twins! I found the show a little boring this year, I wish Ellen comes back next year to be honest, she always makes me laugh. :)

    Published 2.25.15