2018 Blog Year in Review

I enjoyed putting together my 2017 blog year in review so much that I wanted to do it again this year.

2018 Year in Review


This year I’m focusing on more personal posts like the post-baby body one I’ve wanted to write for two years, everyday style with an occasional date night look (because it’s time for date nights around here), and the ups and downs of motherhood.

I’m also super excited to be a style contributor on Momma Society this year. Look out for my first post in the next couple of weeks!



Overall page views increased 72% from 2017. That is a huge increase! I had no idea until I pulled the data.

I went through the details trying to determine what led to the increase. There isn’t one or two breakout posts that contributed to it.

I am a member of several motherhood groups on Facebook. A lot of the questions asked in these groups are similar and will even drive blog post ideas for me (i.e., Uppababy Vista Double Stroller review).

If I’ve written a post related to the question asked, I generally refer them back to my blog. It’s somewhat a guess, but I think all the posting I did in the Facebook groups in 2018 drove the increase in page views.

2018 Year in Review

Similar to last year, the top 5 posts are primarily from prior years that have done well on Pinterest or organic searches.

ONE // How to Pack for a Beach Vacation – This post is from 2014 and is always my #1. It’s popular on Pinterest and drives a lot of traffic, especially once the weather turns cold. It actually decreased from 25% of total page views to 17%. I mentioned it last year, but I’d really love to redo the graphic. I’m too afraid to mess up the referrals from Pinterest though!

TWO and THREE // Little Luv Update – 38 Weeks and Little Luv Update – 34 Weeks – These two posts are from my pregnancy with Lawson when I wrote a lot about how my fibroid was impacting the pregnancy. They continue to bring in more page views each year. It’s a good reminder to look at the SEO for these posts so as many women in similar situations can find them. There’s so little information out there on large fibroids during pregnancy.

FOUR // Real Life: My Post-Pregnancy Body – Similar to the updates during my pregnancy with Lawson, I think people find this post when looking for information on fibroids during or after pregnancy.

FIVE // Little Luxuries Under $50 – This is the only post from 2018 in my top 5. I participated in a linkup with other bloggers to feature our 5 favorite little luxuries under $50. I always enjoy reading these types of posts on other blogs.

2018 Year in Review



ONE // My Sweet Boy – My #1 goal for my blog is to always keep it real. This includes the high and low points of motherhood. We went through a period with Lawson when we didn’t know how to help him adjust to all the changes in his young life.

TWO // Complete Whole30 Meal Plan – This post was a labor of love because I had to track our meals for the entire month we did Whole30. When I was preparing to do Whole30 for the first time, I searched for a post like this and couldn’t find one.

THREE // Choosing Children’s Names – Deciding on a name for your little one can be so hard! In this post, I shared how we came up with Lawson and Sybil’s names and their nicknames.

FOUR // Reading List – The reason this post is a personal favorite is because it spurred my love of reading again. When I shared my reading list on Instagram, I got such great recommendations from you all. I’ve carried reading into 2019 and have already finished two books (Tin Man and Matchmaking for Beginners).

FIVE // What to Pack for a Summer Vacation – This post was fun to put together because it made me figure out what to pack for a month on the east coast, including a week at the beach with Jim’s family. And I stand behind everything I packed for the trip!

SIX // Fibroid Update – Since so many woman are interested in pregnancy with a fibroid, it had been on my list to put together an update of my post-pregnancy fibroid. I did meet with a surgeon at the beginning of January. I’m trying to decide between removing the fibroid or a full hysterectomy. It’s our plan to have the surgery this year.

Wow, that was a long post. Thank you for making it to the end! And a huge thank you for reading whether you check out every post or pop in here and there.

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