2020 Purchase Wish List

Everlane Cashmere Sweater

I read Monica’s post about her new shopping habits a few weeks ago. The thing that stuck out to me most was her list of 2019 purchases, which is just a note on her iPhone. I typically make a wish list for each season, but hadn’t thought to do one for the entire year.

The past few years I’ve been pretty good about investing in items I’ll have for years, but I thought this was a great way to focus on those things that I really need (like a new sports bra that I desperately need but don’t want to spend my $$$ on). Almost all of these I plan to buy on sale. Paying full price is my nemesis.

So here’s my full 2020 wish list along with the 3 items I’ve already purchased this year.

2020 Purchase Wish List

2020 Purchase Wish List

ONE // White Skinny Jeans: Now that Lawson and Sybil are older, I finally feel like I can invest in a pair of white jeans again. I’d love to get a white version of the dark grey Madewell jeans I’ve been wearing non-stop. I think these are a similar pair.

TWO // Everlane Sweater: If you’ve read even one of my what I wore posts, you’ve noticed I wear an Everlane cashmere sweater multiple times a week. I want to add the bone or dark navy to my collection. Both colors are staples that I doubt will go on sale, but I occasionally receive a $20 credit from Everlane that I’d use towards this purchase.

THREE // Dudley Stephens Park Slope Fleece: I have this fleece in navy and would like to add another color to my wardrobe. My biggest issue is I don’t know what color. I love blush, but that shade typically doesn’t look very good with my skin tone.

FOUR // M.Gemi Moccasins: After five years, my toes are about to break through my very favorite pair of M. Gemi moccasins (worn last here). I have a $50 credit that I’ll use towards a new pair when that happens.

FIVE // Sports Bra: I am in desperate need of at least two new sports bras. The hooks are coming out of my best running bra. I plan to head into a running store to try on a few options, find what works and then wait for a sale.

SIX // Lively Bralette: This is my go to night bra. Yes, I have a night bra. I find not wearing a bra to be extremely uncomfortable. I have two of these that I wear every week and could use another.

SEVEN // Cuyana Tech Case: When traveling, I carry at least 3 chargers for my Apple Watch, MacBook Air and iPhone/iPad/Airpods. It drives me crazy when I don’t have a designated place for them. This just might be on my Mother’s Day wish list, monogrammed of course!

EIGHT // Light Wash Skinny Jeans: The Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop has been my favorite pair of jeans for a couple of years. After too many holes in my last pair, I need to replace them this spring (I prefer to wear light wash in spring/summer and darker wash in fall/winter).

NINE // Lake Pajamas: These are the pajamas I reach for again and again. I’ve tried each option and have decided the short/long is my favorite. They are pricey so I’ll wait for one of their twice yearly sales.

TEN // Anine Bing Graphic Tee: This tee is no longer in stock anywhere, but I’m crossing my fingers it comes back in stock this spring. I’m also checking Poshmark to see if I can find it gently used.

Are these the only items I’ll purchase this year? No, not at all. But they are the core, (mostly) investment pieces that I want to add to my wardrobe. Now for the three items I’ve already bought this year (none of which are on the above list!)

3 Items I Purchased in January

ONE // Madewell 9″ Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black Sea: I’ve almost exclusively been wearing these jeans for the past month. I paid around $65 as they were on sale + an extra 30% off promo. I’m not sure why they are regular price again. They are so comfortable I would pay full price for them though.

TWO // Kule Modern Long Striped Shirt: I just ordered this shirt after spotting it for 70% off. A replacement for my Saint James striped shirt would have been on the list above, but decided to try this one instead since it was on sale. I haven’t received it yet, but I’ll report back with a comparison to Saint James once I wear it a few times.

THREE // Paige Willa Chelsea Boot: There’s a strong chance I’ll return these boots. I’m still deciding if they fit with my stay at home mom lifestyle. Will I look crazy wearing them to preschool pickup and drop-off?! They are very comfortable and sometimes I just want something more interesting than my black ankle boots.

Every spring I buy a few shirts from Madewell and J. Crew that become my go to tops throughout the summer. Last year it was eyelet tops in white, black and cream (worn here and here). I feel great about wearing them all again so

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