5 Random Things

5 Random Things

What strange times we’re living in. I’ll have more to report on how the week has gone for us in tomorrow’s weekend roundup. It certainly seems unimportant to share the things I’m loving during this period of uncertainty and it absolutely is unimportant. But, it also makes me feel a little more normal and is a welcome distraction. In case you need a pick me up, I’m sharing 5 random things making me happier at home. They are all under $50 and one is a free podcast for kids in case you need something to fill an hour of your day.

5 Random Things Making Me Happy

ONE // Slip Silk Scrunchie: I was out of hair ties and had seen this silk scrunchie on Things I Bought and Liked (TIBAL to those in the know). I ordered them during a Dermstore sale and are happy to report they work exactly as well as advertised. I’ve worn one on a 4-mile run and my hair didn’t have any creasing after taking it out.

TWO // Supergoop Glowscreen: Last week’s find of the week is worth mentioning again. It’s a tinted clean sunscreen that makes you look like you have an Instagram filter IRL. I still like Beautycounter Dew Skin as an even cleaner option, but the Glowscreen is awesome.

THREE // Playa California Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo: My skin gets really dry in the winter, including my scalp. I bought this salt scrub shampoo in an effort to get rid of the flakes I can get in the winter. I’ve only used it once so far, but have to say it works pretty great. As an added bonus, my hair was incredibly soft.

FOUR // Aesop Rinse-Free Hand Wash: My friend bought this for me when she was visiting last month. I’ve never been so grateful for a gift. I had no idea how much I’d need it in a few short weeks. It is sold out everywhere I looked online so I’m going to reassure this bottle as long as I can.

FIVE // But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids: I’ve shared this podcast on Instagram Stories several times. It’s just so good. Episodes range from how chocolate is made to coronavirus. Most of the questions are submitted by kids aged 3-7 years old, but I think it would be interesting for up to 10-12 year olds. I learn something every episode! They have over 100 episodes available

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