Bedtime Routine


Bedtime Routine with Beautycounter Protective Baby Balm


One of the first things we did with Lawson was establish a bedtime routine. As someone that craves routine and consistency myself, I figured any child of mine would also feel the same.

After dinner we play for a bit. If it’s a bath night, Lawson spends his play time in the bath. Well until he keeps standing up and we cut it short because he won’t listen to my requests for him to sit down. Any advice on how to get him to listen?!
Bedtime Routine with Beautycounter Protective Baby Balm


Now that he’s older, Lawson crawls up the stairs to his bedroom as soon as we tell him it’s bedtime, which is usually around 7pm. Once upstairs, we change his diaper and put on his pajamas. We always put on butt paste since he’ll be in that diaper for 12+ hours and the Beautycounter protective baby balm. (I get my Beautycounter products from my friend, Kia Olson. She’s happy to help you out too!) Lawson’s skin can get so dry in our Arizona climate. Ever since he was a baby, I’ve put lotion on his legs and feet and given him a little massage. The Beautycounter protective baby balm soaks into his skin quickly and doesn’t cause any irritation.


Bedtime Routine with Beautycounter Protective Baby Balm


We fill up and turn on his humidifier and also turn on the sound machine. This sound machine is the best – we even take it with us when we travel! Once he’s all dressed for bed, we sit on the rocking chair and read 3-5 books while he has a bottle of milk. Then we turn out the light and I talk to him about our day. I also sneak in lots of snuggles and kisses before he goes in his crib for the night.


Like all kids, he has his rough nights, but most of the time he’s a great sleeper. I feel like part of it is luck, but that establishing a routine for him has also helped. Does your little one have a bedtime routine?


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