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Reading List: 2019

The Idea of You Book Review

I’m proud to have read 30 books this year! I read after the kids are in bed for 30 minutes most nights and then for another 30 minutes before I turn out the lights. When I’m in the last pages of a really great book, I bring it everywhere with me and sneak in a few pages here and there. I’ve also been known to turn on the TV for the kiddos and finish a book, although that hasn’t happened recently.

Of the 30 books I read this year, 5 stood out as the best books of 2019 and another 3 were very close runners up. Next year I’m going to track by month so I can include a cool chart in my wrap up post. #nerdalert

5 Best Books of 2019

ONE // Matchmaking for Beginners: Marnie meets expert matchmaker Blix at her engagement party. After her marriage doesn’t go as planned, Marnie retreats to her hometown before finding out she inherited Blix’s Brooklyn brownstone. In Brooklyn, Marnie learns more about both herself and Blix. 

TWO // Educated: The memoir of a woman that grew up in the mountains of Idaho. Her parents didn’t believe in Western medicine. With six siblings that ranged from abusive to supportive, Tara’s story is remarkable.

THREE // We Were the Lucky Ones: This story follows a Jewish family (parents, grown children, spouses and grandchildren) as they are forced to flee their home in Poland. One is forced to leave the country, others try to escape certain death. It’s a story of love, perseverance and survival. 

FOUR // The Idea of You: A sophisticated romance novel that is so much more. When Solene brings her daughter to a popular boy band concert, they go backstage to meet the band. She connects with the lead singer, which is the beginning of an epic love affair. Honestly, my words don’t do it justice, but I’m begging Robinne Lee to write a sequel!

FIVE // Once More We Saw Stars: A father’s memoir of his daughter’s tragic death and journey through the next year. He took this nightmare and wrote about it with love and honesty. It’s a beautiful story that left me in tears and laughter.

Weekend Reading Plans

Honorable Mention:

ONE // Becoming: The story of the former First Lady’s life beginning as a child in Chicago to her time in the White House and beyond. You’ll want to be her best friend.

TWO // Save Me the Plums: A memoir about Ruth Reichl’s career as editor in chief of Gourmet magazine. I am not a foodie, but the way Ruth describes food made me want to be one. She makes food come alive. 

THREE // Red, White and Royal Blue: The story of the First Son of the United States and Prince of Wales. Initially bitter enemies, they fall in love and weather a scandal. It’s a steamy and tender love story.

Spring Reading List

All the Books I Read This Year

  1. Tin Man: B
  2. Matchmaking for Beginners: B+
  3. From the Corner of the Oval:  B+
  4. Becoming: A
  5. Educated: A+
  6. I Owe You One: B+ 
  7. The Royal Runaway: A-
  8. The Mommy Group: B+ 
  9. My Favorite Half-Night Stand: B- 
  10. Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?: A- 
  11. Where the Crawdads Sing: B
  12. Daisy Jones and The Six: A- 
  13. Lost Roses: B
  14. The Southern Side of Paradise: A- 
  15. We Were the Lucky Ones: A+
  16. The Matchmakers List: B- 
  17. All the Light We Cannot See: B
  18. The Idea of You: A+
  19. The Favorite Daughter: B+ 
  20. Park Avenue Summer: A-
  21. The Unhoneymooners: B
  22. Evvie Drake Starts Over: A-
  23. Red, White and Royal Blue: A 
  24. Once More We Saw Stars: A+
  25. When We Left Cuba: B+
  26. American Royals: A
  27. Get a Life, Chloe Brown: B+
  28. Twice in a Blue Moon: A-
  29. Save Me the Plums: A
  30. The Hating Game: B+

You can find all my reading lists, including more detailed reviews here. Right now I’m reading The Home for Unwanted Girls, which will likely be the first book I finish in 2020.

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  1. Thanks so much for reading The Southern Side of Paradise! Happy 2020! xo Kristy

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