2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Toddlers (3-4 Year Olds)

Gifts for Toddlers

Holiday week continues with my guide of the best gifts for toddlers. I realized when putting this together that I don’t purchase a lot of toys for Lawson and Sybil.

We typically follow the 1 book, 1 clothing item, 1 toy + gift from Santa guideline. Last year was the first year Lawson and Sybil both really understood opening gifts. It was a lot of fun, but it’s also overwhelming. They quickly fell into an attitude of more, more, more. Trying to curb that as much as possible.

Outside of a couple of larger items, most of these gifts are $25 or less. I’ve noted the items we personally own with an asterisk. For more ideas, check out last year’s gift guide for kids.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Toddlers

ONE // Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set: This is the one toy I’ve wanted to get Lawson or Sybil and haven’t yet. This type of toy is right up my alley and these have great reviews.

TWO // Howdy Inflatable Cow: I really can’t believe I included this inflatable cow. It’s basically counter to everything I want in a toy. But, our favorite ice cream shop has a couple outside and Lawson and Sybil go nuts over it.

THREE // Folding Balance Beam*: Santa brought Sybil a balance beam last year. A year later and she still loves it. In addition to being a balance beam, it’s been a ship, tower and bridge at various points. A tumbling mat is another good gift option.

FOUR // Legos*: One of only a few toys that I don’t mind accumulating. Maybe it’s because my brother had bins full of Legos growing up.

FIVE // Learning Resources All About My Family set*: These little people were on Lawson’s preschool classroom wish list last year. Lawson and Sybil enjoyed playing with them so much that I bought a set for home. They’re great for sorting by color or size, counting and playing with them.

SIX // The Nugget: Santa is bringing Lawson and Sybil a Nugget play couch. They love to build forts. Fingers crossed this takes the place of bringing our pillows downstairs every day. I noticed a lot of colors are already sold out. I signed up to be notified when they restock.

SEVEN // Slippers: Sybil saw these glittery slippers at Target the other day and went nuts for them. We hardly got her out of there without them.

EIGHT // Brain Quest Workbook: Lawson had a great time with the Brain Quest summer workbook. I think he’d like the “regular” version just as much.

NINE // Silly Street board game*: One of my go to gifts for preschool birthday parties (the other is these paint sticks), Silly Street is a fun entry to board games.

TEN // Doctor Kit*: Lawson and Sybil take turns being the doctor and patient. It’s great for imaginative play and getting them more comfortable with trips to the doctor.

ELEVEN // Don’t Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book: We’re a fan of the book series. I’m always looking for learning opportunities to keep them occupied and this activity book has great reviews.

TWELVE // Bath toy set: Jim’s sister gave Lawson a version of this bath set a couple of years ago. It’s still a favorite at bath time.

THIRTEEN // Magna-Tiles*: We are slowly building our Magna-Tiles collection. I’ve heard from parents with older kids that these stand the test of time. Similar to legos, I can see Lawson and Sybil still playing with these in 5 years.

FOURTEEN // Oopsie ice pack*: Sybil is always getting hurt and this little ice pack cheers her up. It would be a good stocking stuffer!

FIFTEEN // Color Wonder coloring book*: These coloring books hold Lawson and Sybil’s attention longer than most toys. I’m guaranteed a good 20-60 minutes when we bring them out. Jim and I also enjoy coloring with them. It’s quite relaxing!

I truly enjoy putting these gift guides to share with you all. I earn a small commission on purchases you make through my blog links. The price is the same for you either way. It works whether you buy what I linked to or other things. It makes my heart swell every single time I see a purchase has been made (no, I can’t tell who purchased, only that a purchase was made from a link). Thank you for your support!

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