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Weekend Roundup

Birthday Weekend, Venice California


Happy Friday! If you saw my Instagram story, you already know we had tickets to Adele’s concert on Wednesday night. Last week we thought we were going to have a baby early this week and gave the tickets to friends. On Monday we found out my fluid levels went down and we’d be waiting until baby girl’s scheduled arrival on August 25th. So we bought new tickets. And then Adele postponed due to illness. What are the chances?! I saw Adele in San Diego for my 35th birthday and it only seemed right to see her again for my 40th birthday. Yep, you read that right, my 40th birthday is this weekend. Sunday to be exact. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it (my birthday, not Adele).


Since our little girl is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, so much of the focus has been on her. Normally I’m a huge birthday person and would be talking about it and counting down for months. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still been planting reminders, but it’s difficult to plan a fun celebration when you’re 38+ weeks pregnant. A celebratory steak dinner? I’d probably get heartburn. A glass of champagne? Maybe, but I’ve made it this far without it. A staycation? I hardly sleep at night anyway. (I know what you’re thinking…I must be a blast to be around these days!)


I also feel a little lost as my 40th birthday approaches. What do I want to do with my life? I fell into the role of a mom, which I love. But lately I’ve been wondering what else I want to be and do. I certainly don’t have it figured out. The next few weeks (months?) will likely be filled with sleep deprivation and adjusting to life as a family of four with 2 under 2 years old. My therapist would tell me to ponder it over the next few months, but not let it stress me out. I’ll try to take her advice. Side note: if you live in Phoenix and need a therapist, let me know. She’s the best.


Alright, that was a big ramble of thoughts. Just so you don’t think I’m a complete downer, I’m excited about our plans for this weekend. Instead of seeing Adele on Wednesday, we went to dinner and a movie. Today we’re kicking off the weekend with a visit to Camelback Flowershop for their happy hour (all fresh flowers are 50% off) and a stop at AZ Pops for a popsicle. My mom is in town so we have a free babysitter for dinner out on Saturday night. Finally, I’ve requested birthday donuts on Sunday morning from The Local Donut. If I can’t drink, I’ll eat my way through my 40th birthday! Now back to our regular weekend roundup…Have a fantastic weekend and a celebratory drink for me!!



J. Crew is out with some new arrivals. I have an earlier version of this silk top in a navy and pink. I wear them alone or under a blazer and consider it a wardrobe essential. The margot top comes in 5 colors in regular, petite and tall sizing. I also love this off the shoulder dress that’s currently 25% off. Oh, and these sandals in purple are coming to the blog next week. The color, ankle bow and comfort are two thumbs up!



I came across this article somewhere this past week and it really resonated with me. I’m nervous for how we’ll handle life with two kids. The author is right, this stage of life is hard. But then I think about how Lawson will never love and need me as much as he does now. As he gets older, he’ll grow more and more independent and in the process pull away from us. So instead I’ll savor his hugs and kisses even in the midst of a day without naps.



I had been craving ramen for months. My only experience with ramen was the cup o’ noodles kind that I haven’t had for years. All that changed last weekend when we went to Water Chestnut. The ramen was delicious and I’m already dreaming about going back. Have you ever tried to make ramen at home? I can see myself getting addicted to it!



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  1. Britney wrote:

    Sounds like a fun weekend! My husband loves Ramen too! :)

    Published 8.19.16