Boys’ Clothing for Fall and Winter

Boys Clothing for Fall and Winter

Some of these items were purchased for back to school and others I’ve been replenishing fall/winter stuff that he’s outgrown. 

While I can still get away with picking out most of his clothing, at six years old Lawson is drawn to anything comfortable that he can easily run around in on the playground. He’s also tall and skinny so finding pants to fit him can be a challenge. Unless otherwise noted, I bought him a size 6 in shirts and pants. 

I like to stock up on basic and graphic long-sleeved tee shirts. They can be worn alone or layered with a vest on cooler mornings. A few in the rotation are this Space themed graphic tee, Long sleeve pocket tees, and long sleeve tees in classic colors (12|12 runs small IMO).

Layers seem to be key for school age kids. They can add or shed them throughout the day as they go from classroom to recess and back. With that in mind, sweatshirts are a hit. The current favorite is a cozy fleece crewneck (he has both the camo and delphinium blue) from J. Crew along with a couple of hoodies like this cute striped hoodie.

For sightly dressier looks, Lawson loves flannel shirts. He has a Plaid flannel shirt (matching dad options too!) along with a couple from J. Crew like this one. During a fall sale, I bought him a pullover fleece from one of my favorite small brands. It’s different enough to catch your eye, but still extra comfortable and warm. 

On holidays, picture days and special occasions, he has a couple of button down shirts from J. Crew and a cable knit sweater (a good family photo option paired with jeans!).

For pants, these Slim sweatpants are the favorite so far this fall. They are long enough for his tall legs and yet don’t fall off his slim waist. He also has a couple of pairs of Mabo leggings that fit well, but they are a little thinner and won’t keep him as warm in the colder months. 

During back to school shopping, I bought him a couple of pairs of Chinos in a slim stretchy fit. Since they have an adjustable waist, I went up one size in the hope he’d be able to wear them for two years. He prefers sweatpants, but occasionally wears the chinos. 

The best socks (they hold up so well) and a 7 pack of underwear briefs.

These Nike Air Max 270 sneakers aren’t cheap, but the easy on and off feature has been worth every penny. He’s worn them daily since school started. For cold or snow days, he’s worn the Sorel Yoot Pac since we moved to Colorado. On in between days, I’m considering buying him a pair of Ugg sneakers so he can still run around the playground while staying a little bit warmer. 

Most of our pajamas are from Hanna Andersson. The quality is great and there are enough styles that go on sale that you can always find them at a discount. (We have the tannenbaum and gnome sweet gnome holiday sets.)

To keep him warm outside, he has a vest (similar), Patagonia Nano Puff jacket (runs big IMO), and a down jacket by Stio. Hopefully that trio will get us through fluctuating temperatures this fall/winter/spring. For hats and gloves, he’s wearing a hat from last year and these gloves on milder winter days or these mittens for colder days/snow activities.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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